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About the causes and treatment of red dots on the head (without itching)

The red dots on the tip of my penis are always a sign of disease. So when they appear immediately, you must contact your urologist or the dermatologist. Do not confuse this with the rash of banal eels, which represent the black spots affecting the body. Pathological lesions are small red points, which can later coalesce to form patches. Depending on the reasons for the symptoms can be supplemented by the presence of itching, discomfort and soreness when urinating, a touch in the area of the foreskin and other changes. Consider why there are points on the glans penis, should be treated and what treatment should be, if the affected sexual organ.

  • Injury.

The sexual organ in men can injure during vigorous frictions. In this case, after sex irritation occurs in the form of small dots.


Treatment should start with determine the cause. To do this, the doctor usually appoints analysis to determine infectious agents.

If the reason is Allergy, then elimination of the allergen and taking antihistamines quickly relieves symptoms. In the presence of infection without a course of antibacterial or antiviral therapy is not necessary. Candidiasis in the area of the foreskin also requires prescription drugs, but in this case it will be antifungal agents. The main treatment should be supported by good personal hygiene, proper nutrition and addictions. Also at the time of therapy should abandon intimacy and to resume it only after full recovery.

With proper treatment, rashes, itching and other unpleasant symptoms quickly disappear. If left untreated and wait for the red dots, affecting sex organ themselves will, over time, the disease will progress until the development of reproductive disorders, and treatment of complications will take much more time and effort.

The red dots in the glans penis can be the first sign of serious pathology in men. Therefore, if they appeared, it is necessary to consult a specialist to determine the cause of a choice of tactics of therapy. Remember that the sooner treatment is started, the higher the likelihood of a quick recovery without complications.