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Selection rules effective ointment for the treatment of psoriasis on the skin (with reviews)

Ointment for psoriasis — an indispensable tool in promoting the effective elimination of symptoms of the disease at home. Modern pharmaceutical market offers a very wide range of creams and ointments of psoriasis.

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To choose the best tool, it is necessary to consider such factors as its composition, quality and characteristics of the disease. Also important as prices and consumer reviews regarding each tool. What are the medicines help to provide effective treatment? Consider this question in more detail.

The differences between hormonal and non-hormonal means

All means outdoor use designed for therapy at home can be divided into two categories: hormonal and non-hormonal.

Treatment means is considered to be extremely fast and the best, but at the same time these drugs have plenty of drawbacks. Virtually any steroid cream from psoriasis includes corticosteroids, mometasone, aceponate or fluocinonide, provides suppression of so-called immune response and reduces activity of metabolic processes in the surface layers of the skin. Often to enhance the effect of the patient appointed by pills antibiotic medications with a broad spectrum of action.

According to experts, even the best hormonal ointment to combat the disease, despite its quality, has a large number of side effects, providing a very unfavorable effect on the kidney, liver, endocrine and cardiovascular system, can lead to the development of psoriatic arthritis. For this reason, the treatment with hormonal ointments is assigned in exceptional cases, such as serious acute illness or in the case of non-hormonal remedies have been ineffective and have not yielded the expected result.

Treatment (even at home) must be made exclusively on the recommendation of a specialist and under its strict control. In addition, given the fact that hormonal medications to cause quite addictive, therapeutic course of with their use should be short-term.

What cream for psoriasis the best? How to choose the right medicine? On what parameters to evaluate the quality of medicinal product? These issues concern almost all patients suffering from the disease. After all, on the modern pharmaceutical market presents a huge range of drugs to combat different types of psoriasis in the home, and choose among them the best tool is a difficult task. To therapy hadbest quality, safe, patients should follow these guidelines:

  1. Before the beginning of the therapeutic course consult a doctor-dermatologist who will help you to choose the drug most suitable for your specific case.
  2. No one, even the best ointment for the treatment of psoriasis, having high quality, can not be universal. To choose the right drug, you must consider the gravity and form of the disease, the presence or absence of accompanying complications, individual features.
  3. Dietary supplements, tablets, which include vitamins, prolonged and uncontrolled intake can provoke relapse. Therefore, the use of any, even the most innocuous of drugs, it is recommended to check with your doctor.
  4. Before choosing the ointment, carefully read the list of tools that are designed to fight disease, compare prices, quality, composition, read the reviews of the patients who underwent therapeutic course. However, remember that the best cream is the one that was assigned to you by an expert!
  5. Quality treatment of the disease involves a comprehensive and systematic approach. To improve the result by taking a pill or giving physiotherapy.
  6. It is not recommended to use simultaneously several means. After a course of treatment with one drug, take a break in one or two months and only after that start again therapy. Thus, you will be able to objectively assess the results and quality of treatment, and then to choose the most suitable option.

Given the above recommendations, you will be able to choose the best tool for the best treatment of psoriasis at home!

What is more effective for fighting disease

So what are the creams and ointments you can choose to fight the disease at home? We offer you a list of the most popular, the best effect and quality means examining that, you will be able to select the desired product.

  • Skin cap is a cream psoriasis. The tool is non-hormonal, but studies have proved the presence in the cream Skincap a certain amount of steroid hormones, so in America and some European countries it is banned for use. Cream Skin cap has a pronounced anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Good help with psoriasis on hands. Skin cap is contraindicated in case of pregnancy (although this information is not stated in the official instructions), with individual intolerance of certain components of the drug. The treatment takes about two weeks. The cost of the drug varies from 420–650грн or870-1900 RUB In the initial stages of the therapeutic course Skin cap can cause a burning sensation on the skin, the appearance of reactions of allergic nature.
  • Yiganerjing is a very effective and widespread the best Chinese ointment for psoriasis. The drug Yiganerjing was created based on the recipes of ancient Chinese healers. Features exclusively natural composition and fairly high quality. Yiganerjing includes Sophora, Chinese Lotus, Holly leaves and other plant components. Has an antiseptic effect, perfectly removes irritation, itching and swelling. Restores microcirculation in the upper layers of the skin. Prevents the development of possible related complications. This tool is 120 UAH or 1090 rubles.
  • Cartolina ointment cost 350-450 UAH or 1000 RUB is made on the basis of the grease. Includes Kartalin, honey extract, chamomile, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. Cartolina medical ointment effectively removes dead skin cells, promoting intense recovery of the epidermis. The average duration of the therapeutic course is one month. Among the possible contraindications and side effects – reactions of allergic nature.
  • Broad popular ointments on the basis of birch, juniper, pine or coal tar. Ointment on the basis of tar have anti-inflammatory, warming, analgesic and desensibiliziruyuschey effects. But to choose this cream it must be made very carefully. When in contact with direct sunlight ointment that contains tar can provoke a burn of the skin lesions, development of malignant tumors. In addition, the ointment composition of birch tar have a wide range of side effects such as allergic reactions, headaches, vomiting, skin rashes and folliculitis. Treatment ointments on the basis of tar is contraindicated in patients with exudative psoriasis, acne disease of the skin, severe renal pathologies.
  • Dawn is the best ointment for psoriasis in head in the opinion of many patients and physicians. Effectively softens skin, eliminating dryness, itching, peeling, feeling of tightness and pain, which is characteristic for psoriasis. Ointment Zor activates skin regeneration, improves microcirculation. The drug dawn has a very soft, gentle local treatment, and therefore has practically no contraindications and does not cause adverse reactions. Moreover, it should be relatively inexpensive (30 UAH 150-200 RUB.).
  • Super psori – effective cream, which is the natural composition and has high quality. Super psori eliminates itching, swelling, drynessskin, stimulates the metabolic and regenerative processes of nature. This cream, according to dermatologists, the best treatment of psoriasis on the hands and the head. Super psori gives very quick results, the condition of the skin significantly improved after a few days of the therapeutic course. Treatment on average takes about three weeks. Super psori often acts as a component of complex therapy. For best results, the patient may be given antibiotic tablets means broad-spectrum. Given the fact that the Super psori may trigger the development of allergic reactions, therapy should begin with administration of the minimum dosage of the drug, increasing its number gradually and smoothly. This tool can be purchased for 140-160 UAH or 459-535 rubles.
  • Ointment made of grease, too, is in great demand. The gel content of the solid oil normalizes metabolic processes in nature, eliminating painful symptoms. Optimal therapeutic effect is observed upon completion of the course, which lasts three to four weeks. This kind of ointment you should not choose during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as patients suffering from kidney disorders, and increased susceptibility to allergic reactions.
  • Listerin – hormonal cream that is widely used in the field of modern medicine for the treatment of psoriasis. The drug is 490-580 500-590 UAH or RUB Listerin has anti-microbial, exfoliating, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory actions. Listerin prevents dryness and irritation of the skin, greatly improving their quality. The course is from fifteen to thirty days. Listerin is not addictive and has virtually no side effects. Contraindications individual hypersensitivity and intolerance to certain components.
  • Belosalic is the best steroid ointment. Drug Belosalic bought for 360-610 RUB or 130-150 UAH, has a pronounced anti-edematous, anti-microbial, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory and keratolytic effects. To side effects of the ointment include the emergence of itching, burning, and acne on the skin. Belosalic also available in the form of the antiseptic solution.
  • Salicylic ointment in psoriasis is a widespread tool to improve the softening of the epidermis and effective regeneration of cellular structures of the skin. The ointment can be used in conjunction with hormonal therapy to penetrate active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. The average duration of the therapeutic course of two weeks. Ointment is not recommended to choosethe treatment of children under the age of three years, patients suffering from renal diseases, and increased susceptibility to allergic reactions. Can be purchased for UAH 350-460 or 20-60 rubles.
  • Zinc ointment for psoriasis – the best for therapy on the hands and feet. You can buy it for 5.8 to 8.0 30-35 UAH or RUB it Has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and drying effects, preventing the increase of the so-called psoriatic plaques. The risk of ointment is that it can be addictive. Therefore, the duration of the therapeutic course should be no more than a month, and then be sure to take a break.
  • King – effective Chinese cream for psoriasis standing 130-150 350-400 UAH or RUB King includes components of plant origin and is characterized by a natural composition. Has a soothing, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and cooling effects. Cream King relieves itching, burning, psoriasis rashes and stimulates regeneration processes. To use the King of cream is not recommended in the presence of acne, perioral dermatitis, infectious diseases of the skin and liver abnormalities.
  • Pickadoll cream is the best discovery for complex treatment of different forms of the disease. Has reparative and anti-inflammatory effects. Pickadoll has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the skin, helps to eliminate itching and inflammation, providing a soft moisturizing effect. Cream Pickadoll purchased for UAH or 160-210 65-100 rubles, has virtually no side effects. Contraindications may include increased propensity to allergic reactions and individual intolerance of certain components.
  • Healthy – cream-wax to combat psoriasis, a highly effective modern tool that assists eliminate painful symptoms and significantly improve the patient's condition. The patient can buy it for 25-65 UAH or approximately 140 RUB Cream-wax has Healthy purely natural composition of not addictive and side effects. Reduces the area psoriatic plaque has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and helps to increase duration of remission period. Cream-wax Healthy virtually no contraindications. However, patients suffering from increased tendency to allergic reactions, it is better not to choose.

After analyzing the tools properties, you can choose the most effective drug for the treatment of psoriasis at home. It is desirable that the therapeutic process was held under the supervision of a physician. It is possible to achieve the best results will be additionally prescribed medications and physiotherapyprocedure.


Tatyana Nikonova, 40:

A few years suffered from psoriatic plaques. My doctor told me the Super psori cream. Few weeks condition is improved, and remission was more prolonged. After two therapeutic courses psoriasis plaques virtually disappeared. I results very pleased!

Denis Kasyanov, 30 years:

I suffer from psoriasis for the past two years. Many of the tools do not fit me because I have an increased tendency to allergic reactions. The ideal solution is a cream psoriasis Listerin. It does not cause side effects and effectively eliminates itching, tightness, swelling and other unpleasant symptoms.

Irina Akulova, 24 years:

I had psoriasis on his hands. I tried a lot of different drugs, but they either gave short-term and insignificant results, or caused side effects. Loved Chinese ointment for psoriasis Yiganerjing. Took several courses, I can't say that completely got rid of your problem, but the skin condition has improved and exacerbations has not yet been observed.