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Itchy groin in men: causes and treatment

One of the reasons why men do not want to shave my groin is itching and irritation. All this discomfort in the groin area eliminates the desire to free the intimate space of excess vegetation. Try to understand: why do men scratch their groin area after shaving what causes the discomfort and how to deal with them. And if this disease, who will prescribe treatment?

Where does the problem

Itchy in the groin and between the toes, sometimes red spots and pimples ‒ this pretty picture often appears after shaving, and the hands themselves are there for the purpose of scratch. What are the reasons that a man scratching his groin and why men are badly scratched after intimate haircut?

This condition is due to the fact that shortly after shaving my groin area the hairs start to grow. To reach the surface, they have to penetrate through the upper layers of the skin damaged by the procedure. The body tries to repair the damage, even microscopic. The blood flow to the damaged epidermis and is taken for the restoration of the skin in men.

These reasons make itch there almost immediately after the man shaved the hair in the groin and between her legs. Soon the skin is peeling, red spots in groin and leg hurts badly. If you do not prevent irritation, you will have to take special measures or to begin treatment.

Cause red spots and get itchy man can:

  1. Allergic reaction to apply before and after shaving.
  2. Substances in the composition of shower gels or soap.
  3. Dirty or old razor.
  4. Someone else's towel.

If damage to the dermis after an intimate procedure in the groin or legs to add poor hygiene, scratching the man will at times actively, and red spots are formed more often. Most likely will need treatment drugs and to remove the causes. Such effects are easier to prevent than to get a whole bunch of unpleasant feelings. Discomfort can and need to do something. Soon the body becomes accustomed to constant shaving, itchy skin stop.


As already known, red bumps and itching it is easier to prevent than to treat inflammatory processes. It's not difficult. Just follow a few rules, and itch will be gone:

  • Before hygiene the genital area should be clean.
  • No need to do anything stupid and not to remove the hair on dry skin. Be sure to use special tools.
  • The razor must be clean and no rusty blades, ideally new.
  • Do not RUB with a loofah the skin of your groin and between your legs directly after shaving.
  • Do not use lotions or gels with alcohol.

How to deal

Whatto do, if a man is shaved in the groin area and legs with a violation of the rules or did it the first time, and now itches? You can, of course, to ask the advice of the second half, the girls already "the dog ate" and each have their own proven method. But mostly to eliminate the irritation resorted to a simple means. There are special creams. They eliminate unpleasant consequences. Sometimes quite ordinary children's cream: red spots will come down and your skin will not peel off.

A few secrets you can learn from women:

  1. Pay attention to underwear. It is advisable to wear only briefs in natural breathable fabrics, as synthetics can cause itchy skin in the groin area.
  2. Applied to the skin aloe Vera juice or special means with the contents of the juice of this plant.
  3. Some ladies use ointment "Rescuer" or "Healer."
  4. To remove the redness and help applied to skin decoction of chamomile.
  5. Well proven zinc ointment.
  6. Speed up reconstruction of the dermis "Panthenol".

An unpleasant surprise for men if the skin will continue to itch after repeated shaving. Then it is better to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe the adequate treatment. Do not own to apply the ointment preparations based on hormones, this will worsen the situation.

If the red spots do not go away and the symptoms spread to the penis and cause discomfort, you should consult a specialist. This may be signs of a fungal, viral or bacterial lesions of the skin. Because a doctor's help will be invaluable and he will prescribe treatment appropriate. But do not panic: men scratching their groin for many reasons. Need to find the root cause of the discomfort and eliminate it. Be healthy!