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About the causes, symptoms and treatment of heat rash in the groin in men (with pictures)

It is considered that the sweating sickness – a phenomenon which can only be seen in a child, but it is not. Prickly heat in the groin and on the genitals is quite common among adult men and women. Diaper rash is called the phenomenon in which the skin becomes inflamed and irritated due to excessive soaking with sweat and moisture. What are the causes of heat rash in the groin, the symptoms in the child, adult men and women, what is its treatment, in order in this article.

Predisposing factors

The child has a heat rash in the groin may cause a combination of factors such as heat and excessive sweating. This happens most often in warm season, due to excessive wrapping of the child, while in the overheated room lacking ventilation. Sweating sickness in a child is most likely to occur in areas with skin folds in the groin, on the genitals, in the armpits, on the buttocks, perineum, often on the sides and back.

Adult male heat rash in the groin may appear for the following reasons:

  • Strong sweating, especially in warm time of the year.
  • Stay in a hot climate with high humidity.
  • Wearing unseasonably warm clothes.
  • Overweight, obesity men, which in itself is accompanied by excessive sweating and blistering.
  • Sudamen often develops in men who ride in a car with a heated seat, permanent overheating of the groin and sweating in these places almost inevitably causes diaper rash and rashes.
  • Intense physical work or sports training, accompanied by increased sweating and friction of skin.
  • Lack of body hygiene.
  • Long term subventricular areas with high air temperature.
  • Feverish condition, accompanied by a rise in body temperature for a long time.
  • Pathology in internal organs, leading to hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating. It can be the respiratory or cardiovascular system, endocrine disorders or diseases in the urogenital organs.

In adult women, the rash in your groin may appear due to the use of sanitary pads, especially low quality.


Adult male heat rash in the groin is manifested by symptoms such as redness and skin irritation, and severe, often unbearable itching. The symptoms of redness and itching can simultaneously be observed on the genitals, in the crotch and thighs. Where the lesions in this case rashes appear in the form of bubbles with a transparent yellowish liquid. When introducing pathogenic microflora through the scratching of the fluid in the vesicles becomes cloudy – itturns into pus.

There are three manifestations of the symptoms of this disease in men:

  1. Miliaria crystalline. Is the most mild and manifested mild symptoms ‒ slight redness and appearance of small bubbles with clear content. Itching and soreness at this.
  2. Papular form. Accompanied by a rash (2-3 mm in diameter), red in color, the affected areas are inflamed, they are painfulness and itching. You may experience symptoms of General weakness and fever.
  3. Red prickly heat. Is the most severe form, due to the intense inflammation of the upper layers of the dermis accompanied by severe symptoms ‒ severe redness, appearance of large vesicles, filled with turbid fluid. This stage is characterized by infection of scratching pathogenic microbes and the development of pustular rashes.

The constant discomfort and itching often leads to the development of symptoms of nervous disorders ‒ increased irritability or apathy, insomnia, disorders of appetite and General weakness. If you have symptoms of heat rash do not neglect a visit to the doctor promptly and accurately diagnosed with the detection of causes will allow you to start the right treatment and prevent development of more serious complications if the cause of the sweat are pathology in the internal organs.

Therapy pathology

Treatment of heat rash in children and adults men depends on the cause that caused it, and begins its immediate elimination. If the cause of the sweating sickness of the child was excessive wrapping and, as a consequence, excessive sweating because of the heat, then the treatment will be to use lighter clothes, the ventilation and the temperature decreases. In addition, after bathing the child needs to powder places skin folds special baby powder or face powder and cream, anti-irritant.

Treatment of heat rash in adults men is the following:

  • The adoption of the daily hygienic bath with infusions of herbs (celandine, succession, oak bark, sage, which have an astringent and disinfecting action.
  • Dusting body with talcum powder or a powder after the water treatment. Should monitor the condition and moisture level of the skin, dry it well after bathing, or allow it to dry naturally.
  • Treatment of the affected places 1% alcohol solution of salicylic or boric acid, with a solution of calendula.
  • Local treatment ointments have antibacterial and drying effect (Ichthyol, zinc, levomicetina, tetracycline).
  • Antibiotics to suppress the infection (in severe cases, when complications of pustularrash).
  • The hormonal therapy (if the cause is endocrine disorders).
  • In other cases, prescribe treatment aimed at eliminating the underlying disease.

When you see the heat rash in the groin or on the genitals do not attempt to self-treat. Seek help from a competent doctor who will identify the causes of disease and prescribe appropriate treatment. Remember: the sooner you seek medical help, the sooner you will return to good health and restore your health. Take care of yourself and be healthy!