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In detail about the causes and treatment of red pimples on the head in men

Small red bumps on the head frequently become quite frightening phenomenon for noticing them at men, and this is not surprising. All I've heard about dangerous sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, and other serious diseases that can affect the genitals. When the head in men can appear red pimples and how to treat them – all about it in this article in order.

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The cause of the problem

In men, red bumps on the head most often appear when the penetration of infection in the genital tract or inflammation of non-infectious nature.

The infection can reach the reproductive tract:

  • through unprotected sex with an infected partner;
  • via shared bedding or towels used by the infected person;
  • through dirty hands;
  • in some cases, through kissing (herpes simplex virus) or shared utensils.

However, the infection can get into the urinary tract not only from outside but also from within the male body. This happens in cases when the immune system is weakened and the normal microflora becomes pathogenic and malicious (for example, thrush). The skin and mucous membranes also lose their protective function and capable of transmitting external infection almost without resistance.

The most common noninfectious inflammation in which can appear red bumps on the head are balanoposthitis (inflammation of foreskin and glans penis) and dermatitis (skin inflammation) that affect the genital area. Also red bumps on the head can appear in men with psoriasis or allergic processes affecting the genital skin.

In some cases, small pimples on the penis are a symptom of the disease, and the anatomical feature of the structure of the genital organs. This feature is found in some men and is considered a harmless cosmetic defect, which does not need to be treated. In addition, it may be sebaceous glands, acting on the surface of the skin of the penis, which is also normal to treat which is not necessary. Most often this occurs in young boys at puberty.

The manifestation of the pathology

When you see lesions on the glans penis of men should alert the following symptoms:

  1. Along with a rash on the genitals there is a strong itching or burning sensation.
  2. The mucous membrane member swollen and swollen.
  3. Red bumps on the tip of my penis filled with fluid.
  4. Body temperature increased, lymph nodes in the groinregion increased.
  5. Red bumps turn into small erosion or ulceration.

If you experience these symptoms, immediately call for professional medical help immediately! These symptoms can speak about existence of dangerous disease, which can cause serious consequences if left untreated. It is not recommended in such cases to try to diagnose and especially to treat yourself – this can have serious consequences for your health. Consider the manifestation of this pathology in different diseases:


Candidiasis, or thrush, is fairly common among men fungal infection in which the head of the penis can appear rash and white patches. First, it has a creamy consistency, it a little, so the disease is not always seen immediately. After a short period of time, the plaque becomes cheesy and is "stuck" to the head in the form of particles of semolina, becoming dry. The reason for the onset of thrush in men is often a weakening of immune forces as a result of prolonged stress, severe and frequent climate change, chronic diseases and infections. All this leads to the activation in the body conditionally pathogenic microflora, which are the yeast.


This disease is also called ringworm, and also cause fungal microorganisms. After infection on the skin of the scrotum and then the penis and region around it there are large red bumps that are very itchy. This infection is transmitted through casual or sexual contact.

Genital herpes

This disease is caused by a virus. Its main symptom is the pimples on the penis in the form of small blisters filled with clear or bloody fluid. After they burst in their place by small cracks and very painful sores. Transmitted virus the genital herpes may be transmitted sexually and by kissing.

Human papillomavirus infection

This pathology is evident by eruption of small pimples-warts red or white color on the glans penis, the skin of the scrotum and all groin area. Pimples in appearance resemble cauliflower, they are outgrowths may reach several centimeters in height. In medicine these growths called genital warts.

Papillomavirus is transmitted sexually – this occurs most often when conducting a chaotic sexual life with different partners without the use of protective equipment.

Pubic lice

Small pimples on the penis can be a manifestation of pubic lice, or, more simply, the consequences of the bites of the lice. Contracting these unpleasant insects can be whensexual contact or household through sharing towels, washcloths, bed linen or wearing common clothes.


Rashes on the penis can be caused by sifilisnoy infection. During the first three months after infection in the mucosa of the penis there is a so-called chancre, in the form of red pimple, dense to the touch. Then, the chancre disappears without any treatment measures. In appearance syphilitic chancre is easily confused with peaked warts, but the consequences of syphilis for the body is incomparably more dangerous. This is a systemic and chronic disease that affects all body systems and, if time does not begin treatment, the consequences will be irreversible.

Treatment and prevention

When you see lesions and other painful signs you must consult an experienced doctor, who will make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment man.

Candidiasis is prescribed:

  • Lubrication of the penis anti-fungal cream clotrimazole.
  • Daily washing of the head and foreskin with a mild solution of baking soda.
  • Vitamin and immune-boosting drugs to bolster immune forces men.
  • The diet of the diet exclude sweets and bread, increasing the proportion of protein.

When trihofitii:

  • Treat affected areas with antifungal ointments (clotrimazole, mikospor, lamisil, etc.).
  • Hold the strengthen the immune system with multivitamin complexes and Immunostimulants.
  • Daily wash the glans penis and foreskin with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or sodium.
  • Inside designate pill griseofulvin.

Treatment of genital herpes consists of the following measures:

  • The intake of antiviral medications in tablets (acyclovir, valacyclovir, famciclovir) or intravenously (Panavir).
  • Treatment of the affected areas the anti-viral drugs, local effects (gel "Panavir", ointment "Zovirax").
  • Appointment when severe pain analgesics (baralgin, Pentalgin).

When infection with human papillomavirus, a treatment aimed mainly at suppression of the activity of the virus, as full recovery and freedom from infection in this disease is impossible. The main therapeutic measures include:

  • The intake of antiviral medications (inosiplex).
  • Supplementation of interferon and immunomodulators (Likopid, Amiksin) to strengthen immune forces of an organism.
  • Multivitamin and mineral complexes.
  • Local treatment with antiviral (interferonov, tsikloferona, oxolinic ointment, creams "Imiquimod", "Epigenome-sex").
  • Chemical cauterization of the warts.
  • Surgicalexcision of warts.

Treatment of head lice is mainly in the surface treatment of the genital organs and groin antiparasitic drugs (nittifor, pedilin soap "VITAR"). Syphilitic infection is treated very difficult and complex, the main attention is paid to antimicrobial therapy and maintenance of all systems of the body.

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Many of these diseases are difficult to treat and sometimes do not heal fully at all. In addition, treatment requires large and long-term cash costs, not to mention the loss of health and strength. The best way to protect yourself from these trouble – right approach to sex life, sex with a constant and trusted partner, the mandatory use of protective equipment when lack of confidence in the partner, as well as maintaining your immunity at the proper level. All this will give you the opportunity to be healthy and sexually active man for many years.