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About causes of pimples on head in men and treatment

Small red pimples, bumps on the head or around the head of the penis can not be alerted the man. That is absolutely justified, because it is one of the signs of sexually transmitted diseases, endocrine disorders, and sometimes cancer. But do not panic ahead of time, you first need to show a sudden "jump problem" the doctor, a complete examination and diagnosis and, if necessary, to start treatment. As evidenced by the appearance of pimples on the penis in men and how to get rid of them ‒ more about that in our article.

мужчина держится за голову

Why is there a rash?

There are several reasons why pimples appear, including red, on the head of the penis in men:

  • Fungal infection. This disease is called candidiasis. It is characterized red bumps, white coating and a sour smell.
  • Genital herpes. The main symptom is itching and tingling around the area where the pimples. They can be located on the head groups at the opening to pour out bloody or transparent content.
  • The manifestation of infectious diseases (syphilis).
  • Contact dermatitis. Allergic reaction characterized by redness, red itchy spots, pimples, pimples.
  • The human papillomavirus (HPV). Papillomas do not raise serious concern, not accompanied by itching or burning, but this does not mean that they do not need to be treated. They tend to grow and increase in size, as well as HPV increases the risk of cervical cancer in women.
  • Violation of the rules of hygiene or of constant mechanical irritation.
  • The manifestation of cancer or endocrine disruption.

In any case, suddenly developed red or white bumps on the glans penis in men or around it – it's not normal and it needs to be treated.

It should be noted some other warning signs accompanying the appearance of red pimples or bumps:

  1. The emergence of itching, tingling and burning sensation at the site of the lesion.
  2. The fever, low-grade fever.
  3. The increase in the inguinal lymph nodes.
  4. Redness, swelling of the penis.
  5. The emergence of secretions and unpleasant odors.
  6. Dense red sores or ulcer with erosion, even if it is painless and there is no inflammation around (this may be a chancre in syphilis).

Of course, the final diagnosis can put only a doctor, having experience, knowledge, and laboratory data.


Effectively treat the manifestation of illness is impossible without identifying the cause, particularly of the pathogen, ifwe are talking about infections or allergen, if the red bumps on the head – it is an allergic reaction. So, in addition to the inspection and collection of information about concomitant diseases and lifestyle-men, the doctor usually appoints the following tests:

  • Biochemical analysis of blood. To determine the presence and intensity of inflammation, to assess the overall condition of the body.
  • The analysis of urine. For the detection of infectious diseases of the genitourinary system, check the functioning of the excretory system.
  • Examine the contents of the vesicles, the secretions of the affected areas of the head for infection and fungal infections.
  • Examination of material from lesions, blood for syphilis (microscopic tests, PCR, serology treponemal tests, etc.).
  • Studies for the presence of HPV (Cytology, PCR diagnostics, urethroscopy).
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs in order to exclude cancer.
  • The definition of hormonal in men.

Please note that some laboratory research suggests training to them, in particular a blood test is being done only on an empty stomach and typically in the morning. Be sure to ask your doctor these moments, otherwise data will be unreliable.

How to get rid of?

Primarily in the treatment of pimples on head and pimples is aimed at elimination of the reasons it could be:

  • The appointment of antifungal drugs to treat candidiasis and immune-modulating means, because this process is often associated with reduced immunity in men.
  • Treatment of human papillomavirus infection in men by using immunomodulatory drugs, removal and cauterization of papillomas.
  • Antibiotic therapy, if it turned out that the cause of the pimples – pathogenic microorganism. To protect the intestinal microflora in parallel is usually prescribed probiotics and prebiotics.
  • The purpose of antiviral drugs is the treatment of genital herpes in combination with immunomodulators with reduced immunity.
  • Antiallergic drugs in the case of contact dermatitis. Are assigned as in the form of tablets and ointments, creams, relieves itching and burning. The goal is the identification and elimination of allergen.
  • The use of potassium permanganate, furatsilina for external use (they have antiseptic and disinfectant properties).
  • Treatment of cancer or endocrine disorders, if it is a major cause of pimples on the glans penis.

With the appearance of the first symptoms, as well as in the time when You're seeking treatment, you should refrain from sexual intercourse because this can be a sexually transmitted infection. Notcost to spend time to heal yourself. Contact your doctor to establish the exact cause, and prescribe appropriate treatment. The faster you begin therapy, the sooner will come the recovery. I hope the material presented was useful for You. Be healthy!