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In detail about the causes and treatment of irritation in the groin in men

Irritation in the groin is a fairly common problem in men, however, seek medical treatment for her, they are often not in a hurry ‒ it seems too frivolous a reason. Redness and itching in the groin, scratching, peeling and rash, unpleasant smell – all these symptoms accompany men irritation in the groin. When there is irritation in the groin area in men and what are its causes, how it is manifested symptoms and how to treat it in this article in order.

Predisposing factors

Skin irritation in the groin area in men can occur for many reasons, but the main ones are as follows:

  • Wearing tight underwear from synthetic materials, especially in hot weather.

Thus there is a constant permeation of the skin sweat, which in combination with the compression of tight clothing and the influence of the synthetic fibers causes her diaper rash and as a consequence irritation. Especially often it occurs in obese people who are overweight and increased sweating.

  • Irritation in the groin area after shaving.

To distinguish this phenomenon from other diseases (e.g., infectious) easily enough, only need to pay attention to the time of its appearance – irritation will occur only in the first few days after shaving, gradually Danny smiled, puzzled in the future. In addition, if after shaving the skin in the groin lubricated with special emollient creams irritation quickly passes, and sometimes does not appear. It will also help to distinguish an innocent irritation that occurs only after signs of other, more serious diseases.

  • Allergic to chemical detergents.

Such allergens can include washing powder, shower gels, soap and other media.

  • Inguinal athlete, or "Jock itch".

It is a disease caused by a fungal microorganism. Men infection occurs by contact when using shared infected towels, bedding or bath accessories. The first symptoms are irritation and redness in the groin area, severe itching. The red spots gradually increase in size, reaching 10 cm in diameter, their edges clearly delineated in red in the form of rings. Irritation covers the area of the scrotum, thighs, groin and perineum. In the affected areas observed peeling, rashes sometimes appear transparent or turbid contents. With the introduction of infection in place the scratching of bubbles filled with pus. Constant intense itching affects the psycho-emotional status of men, causes increased irritability, often loss of appetite, and sleep disturbance.

  • Erythrasma

It psevdorimskoe disease that causesrod-shaped bacteria. Infection they occur through everyday life and through sexual contact. Erythrasma is manifested by symptoms such as irritation and redness in the groin, thighs, scrotum and perineum. The appearance of circular spots of red brick and red-brown colors accompany the itching, flaking skin, often a rash. The spots have clearly defined boundaries, over time, the redness and itching subside, lesions in the heart have a healthy color and only their borders will remain red. Often the introduction of pathogenic microflora in the place of the scratching is the cause of pustular rash.

  • Endocrine disorders.

The most common causes are diabetes and thyroid disease.

  • Diseases of the liver.

As the cause of irritation is the increase in the content of free bilirubin in the blood.

  • Breakdown.
  • Pediculosis and scabies.

This invasive disease caused by parasitic insects: the first cause pubic lice, the second – itch mites. They infection in men occurs when using shared linen and by sexual contact. Manifested severe itching, especially at night, redness and irritation in the groin, and scabies and other parts of the body.

Therapy pathology

Treatment irritation in the groin is dependent on the reasons that caused it. Before you begin to treat the disease, you must eliminate the cause, or the treatment will be meaningless. If the problem is caused by wearing tight synthetic underwear, first of all, you need to change it to more free and is made from natural fabrics. One should follow personal hygiene is not neglected in water treatment, use hypoallergenic detergents and emollient creams after shaving.

Jock itch can be treated holistically:

  • local treatment with antifungal ointment (lamisil, Triderm, Clotrimazole, Mycosamine);
  • lotions of astringent solutions (0,25% solution of silver nitrate, 1% solution of resorcinol);
  • treatment of the affected areas after abatement of inflammation tincture of iodine or fucorcinum;
  • daily bath with infusions of herbs (chamomile flowers, oak bark, succession, celandine);
  • reception antihistamines (Diphenhydramine, Diazolin, Suprastin).

In the treatment of erythrasma includes treatment of the affected areas ointments (eritromicina, sulfur-tar) and the common antibacterial therapy (antibiotics). A good therapeutic effect of physiotherapy in the form of UV radiation. Lice and scabies are treated topically antiparasitic agents. In other cases, the irritation is removed with treatment of the major diseases causing skin lesions.

Having had signs of irritation in the groin, notpanic. The best thing you can do in this case ‒ immediately consult a doctor who will give you a correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment.