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The causes of itching in the groin in men, the methods of diagnosis and treatment

Man, your itchy groin, no surprise, is that there is a resentment for moral and ethical reasons. On the question of why a man scratches at there, the representative of the stronger sex will only distort the shoulders and ingenuous answer: "because it Itches" or "Sweat". But from a medical point of view, which means itching in the groin in men, a symptom of what illness can be itchy? Consider only the most common explanation.

картина когда чещется в паху

The first factor is

No matter how corny it sounds, but lack of personal hygiene becomes the root cause of itching in the groin area in men. No wonder it is recommended to take a shower twice a day. A mix of dust, sweat and Kumanovo epithelium clog the exits potozhirovyh glands. Glands this state very well, and not like before to react to inflammation or acne, they thus give the signal to his master: "You're itchy, take a bath!".

The irritating effect of urine has. It is quite an aggressive environment, and its remnants after urination cause itching and redness of the skin. To strengthen its action and underwear made of artificial materials. Synthetics don't allow air to cool the skin and creates a greenhouse effect, but a mixture of sweat and urine in these conditions results not only itching, but strong fading, diaper rash and peeling.

And it is unlikely to adorn a man's life. Not in vain in the Eastern countries instituted after each act of urination or defecation to carry out water treatment. In this case, to treat itching by water, soap and washcloth, as well as to monitor the quality of underwear. If as a result of perspiration formed diaper rash, to treat them by applying a drying ointment. Flaking, redness and itching will relieve decoctions of herbs. These activities will remove the causes of itching and return the skin to its former purity and appearance.

The second factor

Well, it seems, that is easier to wash and itching passed. But no, it does not pass. What this can be? Peeling, redness, itching, burning and other discomfort in the groin area in men can cause infections, parasites or General illness.


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Itching and burning in the groin area in men can cause fungi, viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. Treatment in this case, it is appoint a doctor.

Especially if the man showed up, in addition to itching these symptoms:

  • Whitish plaque on the glans penis.
  • Painful urination.
  • Pink spots, redness and blisters on the skin.
  • Discharge from the urethra.
  • Itching is accompanied by a violation of the Generalhealth or increased body temperature.

Pubic louse

This parasite is popularly known under a different name and often become the heroes of anecdotes. The livestock is mainly transmitted through sexual contact or through things. Lives only in the hairy part of the groin. Feeds on the blood of men and causes unbearable itching. To treat this disease should be using anti-parasitic ointments. In order to avoid re-infection treatment of head lice requires you to do some manipulation:

  1. Washed and carefully ironed bed linen and underwear.
  2. Before starting treatment, it is recommended to shave pubic hair.
  3. Causing anti-parasitic medication carefully follow the instructions.
  4. As the vitality of the nits is very high, then treatment be things men, soft furnishings, carpets and other items.
  5. Carefully choose a sexual partner.


Itching in the groin in men can cause and the itch mite. A distinctive feature of this disease is reflected in the fact that the signs of scabies are particularly pronounced in the night time.

The day ticks are not active, and by night a female shape moves in the stratum corneum of the skin. The causes of itching is a reaction to waste products of the mite. A favorite place of localization of the parasite in men, phalanges and interdigital skin of the penis.

The main symptoms of scabies is itching, rash, bloody scabs and itch moves. Because quite often, the scratching associated bacterial flora, pyoderma develops and acquires polymorphism rash, treatment should be prescribed only by a dermatologist. Treat scabies doctor will, most likely applying a special ointment. Do not try to treat the disease folk remedies, how to kill a tick by these methods is not always feasible, but to complicate the situation is always possible.

Common diseases

In addition to STDs, violations of the rules of personal hygiene and parasitic lesions, itching, peeling, redness in the groin area in men can be a sign and a common disorders. Food preferences, poorly-chosen washing powder will manifest themselves in allergic reactions and, as a consequence, itching. These unpleasant symptoms causes and diabetes. In pathological processes during the development of diabetes destroying the blood vessels, the skin loses its elasticity, there is the peeling, as well as the metabolism process is broken, then you itch. In addition, itching in the groin, and not only can cause such diseases:

  • viral hepatitis;
  • mental disorders;
  • Oncology;
  • some diseases of the blood;
  • kidney disease;
  • HIV.

This symptom is itch, do not indicate in any way to the disease, for accurate diagnosismore research will be required. And if home treatment is ineffective, you should consult a specialist for help. But before you panic try to improve personal hygiene, change underwear and pay attention to the food. Be healthy!