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Why is there pain in the lumbar region in men?

Back pain is a frequent phenomenon in men. This symptom is able to indicate either excessive stress on the spine and on the symptom of any disease. Back pain have different intensity and may be accompanied by other symptoms. This is very important because in some cases, simple rest and change of lifestyle will allow you to get rid of the discomfort, and others become the reason for urgent referral to a specialist for help. So, why is there pain on the right or left, in the back or in the sacrum?

мужчина держится рукой за поясницу

The load on the spine

Most often a sore lower back at the man in respect of his employment or overvoltage. A dull and nagging pain occur right or left in the lower back or sacrum, and a small gymnastic exercises bring relief.

The reason in this case is simple: excessive load on the spine, heavy physical work, prolonged standing or sitting position, and more. Sometimes it is enough to sit for a while in an awkward position and there is discomfort in the lower back or sacrum.

In such cases, the treatment is simple: it is enough to change the position of the body, to do some exercises and the pain will gradually go away. A long rest or a rational approach to the regime of work and rest will help to cope with pain in the lower back and in the sacrum in that case, if the cause of pain in the workforce. Why do these cases go to the doctor? Go to a specialist for help when:

  1. Simple methods do not give significant effect.
  2. Painful feelings do not go away within three days.
  3. The pain was localized clearly to the right or to the left and intensified.
  4. The increased body temperature.
  5. Blood appeared in the urine and there are other alarming symptoms.
  6. Pain emerged as a result of the injury.

Diseases of the spine

It is also the most common causes of pain in the loins and in the sacrum in men. Neurological or destructive-dystrophic pathology of the cause of acute or persistent pain in the sacrum and in the lumbar region in men. In this case the treatment is much more complicated and will require from men a lot of time and patience. These pains may be permanent and periodic.

Painful sensations arise not only in the loins and in the sacrum, but give the left or right in the buttocks, legs, knees and fingers. Why in such cases requires access to a doctor? Because the cause of the pain can be a serious violation, the neglect of which leads to disastrous consequences. These include:

  • the displacement of the vertebrae;
  • herniateddiscs;
  • a pinched nerve roots;
  • inflammation;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • low back pain and many other causes and pathology.

It is unlikely that the man himself will be able to make an accurate diagnosis, even if he pinpoints the location of the pain on the right or left, in the back or in the sacrum. And also most likely the man will not be able to determine the exact reasons for its occurrence, and the more adequate treatment. For this you will need to consult a neurologist or vertebrologist. Only the doctor will prescribe the right types of research and help.

Vascular pathology

Oddly enough, causes pain in the lumbar region and become diseases of the blood vessels. Why? Yes, because slowing or stopping of blood flow, especially in thrombosis, complicated by inflammation and pain occurs even at rest. For older males is more typical back pain caused by atherosclerosis. The treatment performed by the physician, as the attention is directed not only on reduction of disease symptoms but also to eliminate the causes.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

When a sore lower back in men, it is also worth thinking about the diseases of the genitourinary system, as almost all diseases of the kidneys and other organs of the urogenital area in the first place give himself a backache. Very often, the disease affects one kidney, and the pain then localizes to the left or right, which greatly facilitates diagnosis. Why easier? The fact that kidney disease, in addition to pain in the lumbar region, there are such symptoms as a change in the color of urine, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes fever. Treatment in this case must be swift as the running of kidney disease threaten not only health, but also the lives of men.

Internal medicine

Lower back pain is typical for inflammation in many internal organs. To trigger the development of pain syndrome in the sacrum and in the lumbar region can cancer and benign tumors. Depending on the disease or location of the tumor painful feelings manifest themselves right or left, and their intensity can also vary from mild to unbearable. Such diseases are trying to avoid in the first place, as in the first case it threatens the lives of men, and the second affects the ability to work. Treatment appoint a doctor after a thorough examination.

Answers to the question: "Why pain in sacrum and loins" a great many. The exact answer can give only a doctor. Health is not a joke, and if rest and change of activity have failed and the pain on the right or left and continue to bother the helpspecialist will need immediately. As practice shows, the sooner a patient seeks help, the greater the likelihood a speedy recovery.