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Why the need to test for male fertility (sperm test)

Sperm test fertility, its evaluation requires man in order to know your capabilities as a future father. To evaluate the semen using semen, the results of which can be talk about high, normal or low fertility.

However, the semen analysis can only reflect a total (theoretical) fertility of the ejaculate separately taken man. And even with low fertility is no problem to become a father, and in turn, increased fertility does not always guarantee 100% positive conception.

Fertility is the medical term meaning ability of both men and women to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Unfortunately, in recent years, doctors are forced more often to pay attention to male fertility and to conduct permalloy assessment (test) to find out exactly who in a couple of "guilty." According to statistics, almost 45% of marriages are childless through the fault of men – and it is appalling figures, especially against the background of an unstable demographic situation.

Fit or unfit

Test for fertility is necessary for couples seriously planning to conceive and bear healthy offspring.

A test of the ability to fertilize defines this indicator as:

  • The index of fertility. Overall assessment of ejaculate, counts the number of "tadpoles" in groups in 1 ml of seminal fluid and total volume.

If you notice problems with future conception, but the man is not yet ready to undergo a full examination and treatment, you can take the test (sperm check) and at home.

Indices of fertility

For men there are two indices by which sperm can be assessed as suitable (or not) to fertilize. Indexes Ferris and Krueger predict the likelihood of fertilization in the result of a single intercourse.

Consider what is meant by "male index":

  • Index Farris. This is the total number (in 1 ml of ejaculate) of all detected in percentage of sedentary, very active or stationary, but of the living sperm. At Farris classical norm of the index is 200, but in Russia and the CIS the norm of the index of 20.0 is considered, which means the figure is lower of 20.0 – sperm with reduced fertility between 20.0 to 25.0 – normal. An index reading above 25.0 means that such a man is worth its weight in gold) can impregnate any woman for a single sex act.
  • Index Kruger (morphological). Assessment of the sperm – head size, tail and neck, the result is output as a percentage. At rates below 30% – low fertility sperm with a value of 30% – everything is normal, the prognosis is favorable.

What can be done at home

Test for male fertility or"semen analysis at home" maybe for a few minutes to evaluate the ability to fertilization by determining the concentration of sperm cells.

Developed a disposable device (test for sperm quality) makes life much easier for those couples who dream of a child. Besides, the novelty allows to identify a number of diseases in the urogenital system in men. This home test is not yet widely recognized, but nevertheless allows to assess sperm concentration and spermatozoa". Very convenient for those who for whatever reason cannot get on reception to the doctor.

This device developed at the Institute of nanotechnology in Twente, the Netherlands Luis Severinka and is a mini test-lab at home. The sperm drip on the chip, it flows through a special channel, which is "the construction of the electrodes, causing variations in electric field. Special chip reads the result and gives a comprehensive result on male reproductive health. The test can show how the sperm meets normoblasts.

Is it possible to improve fertility

Sperm men are able to increase their fertility under certain conditions. But to execute them have not from time to time, but constantly.


  • to control weight;
  • to give up all bad habits;
  • to preserve the purity of sexual life (low promiscuity);
  • to undergo regular health examinations of the General plan and urologist;
  • to eat healthy and organic foods;
  • low stress factors and be physically active.

Unfortunately, many men ignore the fact that anciently inherent nature. Modern life dictates different types of food, leisure and activity, in addition, the "sexual revolution" in the period of perestroika completely changed men's views about intimate relationships. Hence, early inflammatory processes in the reproductive sphere, STDs, lack of exercise and low fertility is already to 25-35 years.

High fertility

Occasionally men have found increased fertility, and a test to assess the sperm gives the special properties of the sperm. Those sperm cells that "survive" in the genital tract in women up to 2 weeks. At the rate of only 1-3%, while the rest die after a couple of days. Men in the test showed more than 50% of these "unique" sperm can theoretically impregnate any woman because the sperm (male sex gametes") can "survive" in the genital tract for a long time and fertilization at any appropriate time.

Sperm with such high fertility can be found very rarely – it is a unique natural phenomenon. The average male physicians are advised to undergo periodic semen analysis (sperm test and quality) toknow your capabilities, time to "grab" the outbreak of inflammatory processes and conduct timely treatment.