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What to do when violations number of leukocytes in the semen?

Recently the doctors observe the growth of the pathological processes that affect infertility in men. These diseases often occur without accompanying symptoms, and the main analysis for their identification remains semen. The most common causes of different pathologies are viruses and fungi that, when ingested, can provoke inflammatory and infectious processes, especially by reducing the immunity.

женщина держит подушку и сидит рядом с мужчиной

The natural defence of the immune system are white blood cells. It protects the body from different germs and infections.

Are leukocytes in semen and blood, but their number in the semen is very limited. If infectious pathogens into the reproductive system, leukocytes in semen significantly increased. What is the norm and what to do if a lot of leucocytes, says the article.

The permissible level

If the number of protective cells in the ejaculate is increased, it is necessary to conduct testing for bacterial type. This analysis is able to determine the cause of the disease. When conducting research we must note that the white blood cells can be confused with immature male sex cells. Not to be mistaken, the analysis used different color components of semen. What volume is considered normal:

  • in 1 ml of ejaculate should contain about 1 million white blood cells;
  • when conducting research in the field of view should reach from 3 to 5 leukocytes.

If the norm is not observed, and detected an increased number of cells, the defenders, the patient is diagnosed which indicates the presence in the organs of the reproductive system inflammatory diseases. This condition is termed "leucocytospermia". Leukocytes in semen increased numbers are found in approximately 20% of men suffering from infertility.

The appearance of abnormalities

If the content of leukocytes increased dramatically, so the development has received an infectious or inflammatory process. Similar diseases can occur in the prostate gland, the seminiferous canal, seminal vesicles, testicles, and the scrotum.

The greatest danger occurs if the number of leukocytes has increased value due to the inflammation in the testicles, since that is where there is the maturation of male germ cells.

The increased number of leucocytes affect male reproductive function. Their level can change under the influence of the following factors:

  • elevated levels of prostaglandins under the influence of the antigen on the leukocytes;
  • the stability of the membranes as a result of increased numbers of active formsoxygen.

The body uses these defense mechanisms to eliminate invading his infections that trigger inflammation. Wherein the protective reactions have a negative impact on the reproductive system in men.

To return to the normal content in the semen of white blood cells with no negative consequences it is necessary at the slightest suspicion of inflammation to consult a qualified physician. If the pathological process is running and while in the semen will contain many white blood cells, there may be further disturbances in the reproductive system, which then will lead to a lack of fertility.

Diagnosis and therapeutic measures

After analysis of sperm and detection in semen increased numbers of white blood cells the patient is administered diagnostic measures to identify the causative agent of the inflammatory process.

Can be performed the following tests:

  • Ultrasound of organs of the urogenital system;
  • serology channel urination and genitals;
  • bacteriological analysis;
  • the study of the immune system;
  • blood test;
  • the analysis of urine.

If the normal protective cells in the ejaculate is exceeded, prescribe antibiotic and antiviral therapy. It destroys pathogenic organisms, thereby eliminating and inflammation. At each stage of medical procedures clarify the semen of the patient. This is necessary to track the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a drug.

One course of antibiotics lasts a few days, in some cases, the process can take a week. After this time the patient again clarify semen. If the white blood cells find many, the male will appoint an additional examination or to increase the dose of medications.

It should be understood that the treatment of serious infectious diseases, for example, herpes may last for several years. Every six months the patient will need to be updated semen analysis as long as the sperm is not detected, the normal white blood cells.

In addition to antibacterial action, patients are prescribed drugs that strengthen the immune system, and anti-inflammatory drugs. In order to avoid negative consequences the patient can prescribe vitamins and metabolic reception of means which will retain the reproductive function in men. With timely treatment the norm of leukocytes in the ejaculate will be restored.