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Which leads to disruption of sperm morphology and how to treat it

Sperm morphology can be determined by examining semen. This analysis studies of sperm cells is carried out primarily in the case that long-time couple can't conceive a baby.

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The results of the tests the doctor prescribes a treatment that helps to improve the structure of the male germ cells and to avoid infertility.

Any violations of the structure can be

The morphology of male germ cells in the ejaculate in men may have the following defects:

  • the sperm head has an irregular shape;
  • the tail of the male sex cell is of the wrong length.
  • in the tail of the sperm are observed thickening and excesses;
  • the sperm is missing a chromosome;
  • in the head of sperms are vacuoles.

The main causes of failure

Which may occur due to sperm with abnormal morphology? Most common problems of this kind due to the fact that testes in men are not able to produce quality sperm. In turn, this explains the previously obtained injuries, operations, irradiation, chemotherapy.

Pathological processes associated with sperm morphology can occur on the background of varicocele, inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system, sexually transmitted diseases. Indirect causes include various disorders of the endocrine system.

Analysis of the structure of cells

After the semen can be conducted an additional examination of the ejaculate – evaluation of sperm morphology by Kruger criteria. This analysis gives a more in-depth definition of quality of male germ cells, allowing with high accuracy to evaluate the ability of sperm penetration into the egg.

How is the semen analysis with morphology (Kruger's? For this study use the color of sperm, vaginal Cytology, which contributes to an accurate assessment of the structure of the sperm, which is carried out with a microscope. For once you can count no less than two sex cells, wherein the counting performed twice. Transcript analysis indicates the following: if the sperm is healthy, the head is oval in shape, the acrosome is well different. The volume occupied by the acrosome should be 40-70% of the volume of the head. Any discrepancies in the sizes of head, neck, tail, and immediately indicate the presence of pathologies.

Morphology by Kruger criteria is rather strict analysis, its representation takes into account only the sperm with the perfect appearance. Even the forms that are close to the ideal, relate to the pathology. Transcript analyses forKruger appoints such a rule: the number of male germ cells perfect form should reach 14% or higher.

How to treat pathology in the structure

After you have received the transcript of the tests, the doctor will prescribe the patient an adequate treatment to improve the morphology of male germ cells. Before any therapeutic action man will have to undergo a comprehensive gynecological examination, which includes:

  • Ultrasound of the prostate and scrotum;
  • semen analysis (microscopy);
  • a blood test.

The primary goal of treatment will be to eliminate unfavorable factors and the reasons for which and developed pathology. It is very important to timely cure all diseases, to subsequently eliminate the complications.

In order to improve the quality of the ejaculate, it is necessary to eliminate stagnant phenomena in the pelvis. Such phenomena can occur in the case of a sedentary lifestyle. Recovery of spermatogenesis a man should lead an active and healthy life, eliminate harmful habits and addictions. Would be useful with activities such as running, swimming, walking. One of the main factors of treatment is to rationalize the supply.

Menu of the patient should include large amounts of vitamins and required microelements, which improve the quality of the ejaculate (especially important vitamin C, zinc, selenium). The patient should forget about fatty foods. Basically his diet will consist of fish, sea foods, legumes and cereals, fresh fruits. In addition to vitamins, obtained naturally, the patient may be given vitamin complexes and dietary Supplements.

Male infertility, developed on the background of morphological abnormalities of male germ cells, may require treatment by the use of auxiliary technologies for reproduction. Such technologies significantly increase the chances of a couple to conceive a child, carry it and give birth to healthy. If there are minor deviations, the couple may be recommended method of artificial insemination. Before the procedure the man does ejaculate, which is subjected to special treatment, resulting in the semen increases sperm quality.

If sperm in men include excessively high content of the pathologically damaged sperm, more effective treatment and increase the chances of having a baby is a method of in vitro fertilization carried out with a number of supporting procedures. In these methods it is possible to choose from the entire sperm Mature and healthy cells, which decrease the risk of miscarriage and abnormal fetal development.

Moderntechnology in combination with proper nutrition, a healthy and active lifestyle is able to deliver man from infertility and help to improve morphology of sperm. It is very important when detecting irregularities in the structure of spermatozoa is not to fall into a state of panic and immediately go to the doctor, to fulfill all his recommendations and have to believe in their own strength.