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That show and spermogram MAR-test: fineness tests

In some cases, prescribe semen analysis and the MAR test? These studies are needed in order to identify any problems of the male reproductive system. Semen analysis is the single final document in which a doctor brings together all the results. MAR-test and semen analysis help to identify even those diseases that occur hidden (latent).

In most cases, simple analysis of semen is enough to "spread out the ejaculate on the shelves." But in some cases you are required to conduct additional studies (MAR-test) as sometimes good indicators of semen does not tally with the real situation of pregnancy the woman did not occur.

The order and types of additional research

Mixed agglutination reaction, literally mixed agglutination reaction, better known in a wide circle as MAR-test. A major difference from all other studies is that a positive result is considered very bad.

MAR-test is the primary method of determining the factor of infertility from the point of view of the immune system. If the semen analysis just evaluates qualitative and quantitative composition of the seminal fluid or points to problems of infectious or viral order in men, the MAR-test is associated with ASAT.

And spermogram MAR-test is a study of male semen, where the doctor sets the number of sperm in normal in percentage to all those male sex gametes. But here the "normal" are those sperm-covered AST and must not participate in the fertilization of the egg (unlike sperm).

The study was conducted in the following cases:

  • the effect of infectious and viral factors on male fertility;
  • infertility in men;
  • preparation for ICSI, IVF or insemination;
  • agglutination of male gametes;
  • planning the birth of a child, etc.

What is the essence of the research

Semen (and MAR-test) to diagnose the man any variant of fertility of semen. Properly conducted, the transcript of a doctor-andrologist of semen allows you to establish a realistic picture of the origin of infertility in men diagnosis and give a prognosis on probability of natural conception.

Criteria method and the main indices of the spermogram MAR-test:

  • the mobility of the "tadpoles";
  • morfeoshow of sperm, their analysis;
  • the division into classes of sperm cells based on their mobility;
  • the viability of the "tadpoles";
  • MAR-test, evaluation of the immunological properties of the ejaculate, to prevent the possibility of immune infertility;
  • acidity and volume;
  • the white blood cells and microflora;
  • time of liquefaction, viscosity and type of sperm.

InGeneral criteria for the evaluation of sperm are divided into two categories: characteristics of the "spermatozoa" and ejaculate. Currently, increasingly began to pay attention to immune infertility in men, which spend the MAR-test.

Important! The cause of immune infertility effect of antisperm antibodies on spermatozoa, it has been clinically proved. Vyrabatyvaet in the epididymis and testes, AST "push" the sperm, causing the formation of antisperm shell, which is very slow "spermatozoa".

Indications for use of the method

MAR-test is prescribed when the reason for the absence of the child has not been installed after all kinds of research. ASAT class G when the semen is regarded as normal, but in fact they are not capable of fertilization. MAR-test helps to determine precisely the number of "defective sperm".

Indications for:

  • agglutination, aggregation;
  • long infertile couples when all other positive results;
  • low motility and viability of sperm cells;
  • preparation for IVF.

The reasons appear ASAT and the body begins to attack its own cells:

  • violation of the natural barrier between the blood vessels and the seminiferous tubules;
  • pathology of MPs;
  • infectious factors for STDs;
  • other causes of unknown etiology.

Recently approved data by which promiscuity, even with a condom, cause generation of ASAT, any foreign protein is perceived by the male as a potential threat.

Rules for the preparation to the passage of semen and MAR-test are almost identical. The ejaculate is obtained by Masturbation in the laboratory (best), the results are usually ready the next day.

Decoding results

MAR-test 100% indicates a low probability of pregnancy in a natural way. Usually doctors advise a couple to undergo IVF-ICSI.

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Reliably and correctly assess the results of the analysis can only be a specialist. If at the end of MAR-test positive, there are 50% active sperm covered ASAT, infertility immunological character of the man confirmed. The norm – up to 10% to 50% – the analysis is considered negative.

Thus, semen and MAR-test allow to reveal the number of normal spermatozoa", diagnose male infertility, and allows the physician to prescribe and to carry out a precise treatment.