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Rate of creatinine in the blood and urine in men and characteristic deviations

Creatinine is referred to as the end product of various biochemical reactions in the metabolism of proteins and amino acids in the human body. This metabolite is formed in the muscles of men, and then secreted into the blood. Displayed this product from the body through the kidneys. That is why any deviation from normal values of the creatinine content in the analysis will talk about a particular violation in the kidneys and other pathological processes for which such indicators is not the norm.

That is not a violation

The norm of the index of creatinine in the blood or urine of a man depends on his muscle mass. And so as quickly to change the amount of muscle mass in men is quite difficult, and the content of this substance in the blood and in the urine does not change. But the deviation indicates a problem, regardless of whether the indicator increased or decreased. Normal indicators think the concentration of the final breakdown product of creatine in the blood range from 62 to 115 µmol/L.

But his normal in the urine is around a 7.1-17.7 mmol/day. This range is due to the fact that the concentration of the metabolite also depend on how many man years. But sometimes the test results can show that the level raised or lowered. Then the doctor searches for the reason why the normal concentration of the substance violated and whether it requires state treatment.

The excess concentration

Sometimes there are situations in which the level of creatinine in the blood and urine of men is significantly increased. Testimony in blood test results higher than 115 µmol/l or 17.7 in the urine is considered high. The norm can be violated in the process of sharp increase of muscle tissue.

Elevated creatinine is a frequent guest at men who exercise, using the drugs for muscle growth. Change the concentration of the metabolite may be a diet rich in protein, and also changes the amount of fluid intake. But most often elevated creatinine indicates different pathologies. The rule violated in the following cases:

  • Diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Burns, gangrene and other pathologic processes that cause destruction of muscle tissue;
  • Toxic injury, both endogenous and exogenous, including crush syndrome;
  • Severe dehydration can also cause of the fact that the level of substances will be significantly increased;
  • Autoimmune diseases;
  • Infectious lesions and other pathologies;
  • Cardiovascular failure;
  • Radiation sickness — in this pathological process, the ratio of metabolite level will also be upgraded.

Here are possible causes of the hanged figures. The exact reason why the norm of a metabolite could indicate a doctor. For that, youcame to the reception to a specialist.

The lower values

A condition in which the level of creatinine is critically reduced, which is quite rare. A small drop of the level of performance observed in men older than 50 years, but the reduction is not critical and occurs gradually 5-6 mmol/l for every 10 to 15 years of life. And if older people have such a drop is considered to be physiological, the young men dramatically reduced creatinine in the blood and urine should alert. The immediate reasons for the sharp decline of creatinine in men can be:

  1. Exhaustion caused by chronic pathological processes;
  2. Starvation will lower the rate of metabolite;
  3. Oncological diseases;
  4. Rigid diets or vegetarianism;
  5. Sudden loss of muscle mass;
  6. Diseases that cause degeneration of the muscles;
  7. Hormones can affect the contents of the product and its level will be lowered.

A reduced rate the final product of biochemical reactions in the urine can be caused also a sharp decrease in its volume. Is reabsorption of the metabolite from the urine into the blood. Such processes occur mainly in severe cardiovascular insufficiency, diabetes mellitus and severe renal disease.

The change in the concentration level of this substance does not mean that the detected abnormality. This indicates that requires further investigation, to determine the causes of lowering creatinine.

Not need to take any drugs and engage in treatment. Only a doctor should prescribe treatment, after finding out the reason of such results of the analysis of biological fluids.