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Determination of the level of bilirubin in the blood in men (age norms)

The rate of bilirubin in the blood in men is slightly different from the value of this index in the female body. What is this analysis? At its core, the bilirubin is a specific pigment green-yellow color. It is formed after the collapse of old or damaged red blood cells and the recycling of hemoglobin. Pigment the liver breaks down into urobilin and sterkobilina. They provide urine and fecal masses specific colour. The blood reflects the overall level of pigment and reflects the character of metabolic processes, particularly in liver and spleen. If the pigment is increased, the analysis will show the first symptomatic sign – this is staining of the skin and sclera of eye in yellow color.

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What it is?

Bilirubin in male organism is present in three major fractions:

  1. Indirect in nature and chemical composition refers to the so-called bile pigments. It is formed in the structures of reticulo-endothelial cells from heme of hemoglobin destroyed. After that with the help of specific proteins vectors delivered to the liver. The normal indirect bilirubin does not exceed 12 mmol/l, and age has no effect. Urine this type of pigment does not contain, as it is not soluble in the liquid.
  2. Direct, or as it is called, free pigment formed in the liver cells, where along with the bile goes into the intestinal lumen. After this, the bilirubin in a small amount enters the bloodstream and through the kidneys, the minimum concentration is determined in the urine. However, the norm there, found slight traces of this biologically active substances. It is believed that blood will be increased after its value exceeds the level at 5.0 mmol/L.
  3. The term "General" refers to an entire faction of this pigment in plasma. Exceeding the total allowed to 18.5 µmol/L. the result may be influenced by the patient's age. However, the total figure varies slightly and is almost independent of the number of years.

Analysis on detection of different fractions of bilirubin in the body helps to diagnose the causes of disorders of the liver, and other organs.

The effect on the result of the study patient's sex

The norm of this index is virtually identical for men and women. It is however considered that the male population it is somewhat elevated, due to the large amount of erythrocyte cells from them. Therefore, due to the collapse of a larger volume of red blood cells for men of the pigment reaches a higher level. It should be noted that the age characteristics of the patient in raising the standards of significant effect is nothave.

Table 1. The norm in testing for bilirubin in men of different ages

Age (years)

The metric value in µmol/l


3,7– 8


A 3.8–19


The 3.8–18,5


From 3.9 to 18.7


The 3.8–18,5

60 and older


When you are assigned a survey

Analysis for determination of bilirubin in the blood or urine is based on the following readings:

  • Direct and indirect indicator in the blood can be detected by some preventive examinations.
  • Detection of elevated bilirubin assigned patients undergoing inpatient treatment. It is especially men of advanced age.
  • The study for the presence of bilirubin in urine and blood can assign for diagnosing pathology of the liver in men, such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. In this case, a direct indicator would be inflated regardless of past years.
  • The rate also increased when pathology in the region of the pancreas. Newborn boys this analysis can also assign to determine why she developed jaundice.
  • Identify the level of bilirubin often used to diagnose pancreatitis or cholecystitis.
  • The reason for the purpose of this study, regardless of past years may be associated with the poisoning of various kinds.
  • The definition of direct fraction of the pigment shown during the inspection, result of therapy.

Features analysis

This indicator can be measured both in urine and in blood of the patient. In this age the procedure has no effect, and the rate can vary slightly.

The examination of blood the fence material is carried out from Vienna in the morning on an empty stomach. If the patient is young, the blood taken from the heel or outer side of the palm. The doctor points out possible reasons of getting error in the study. These include the following:

  1. The norm can be exceeded in healthy men due to drinking coffee or taking stimulants with caffeine.
  2. The result will affect aspirin, heparin.
  3. When fasting or following some types of diets index will also be exceeded, however, a person can be healthy.
  4. After taking certain drugs for stimulating the liver, regardless of the years the levels of bilirubin may also change.

What are the rules for examination of urine? Age in this case does not matter.It must be remembered that this study reveals only a direct indicator and an indirect in the urine just does not arrive. It is not soluble in the liquid. Bilirubin appears in abundance due to the violation of the liver. The norm in this case is the complete lack of bilirubin in the sample of morning urine.

The link to the age men do not play a significant role. Why the pathology of the liver pigment excreted in the urine? This is because the liver can not cope with the excretion of bilirubin into the intestinal tract, and straight begins to enter the blood. Its the norm and there is significantly increased, therefore increasing the concentration in the urine. This symptom is dangerous for the patient, especially if his age is quite young.

Need to know what the pathology of dangerous men that will not heal spontaneously. After applying an incorrect or self-treatment it can end in death of the patient.