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All about normal hemoglobin level in the blood of men

Receiving the results of blood tests, many of us have noticed the word "hemoglobin", through the figures, standing across the street, deep in thought: what is the meaning of the figures and how important are they?.. This question can be answered unequivocally: it is a protein without which our body would not live an hour.

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Hemoglobin is an extremely important element of the human body. It provides all the cells of the body, all tissues and organs with oxygen, carrying it on himself and being for him a kind of "transport". Therefore, there is no doubt that the level of hemoglobin in the blood affects the functioning of the organism, health and well-being.

The meaning and function of

Hemoglobin consists of an amino acid and part of iron, through which there is a "gripe" and oxygen transfer. The protein contained in red blood cells – erythrocytes. Due to the movement of these cells in body tissues receive the necessary oxygen, and instead of giving away what they no longer need – the carbon dioxide that is carried with the blood into the lungs and excreted in the air. Thus, hemoglobin performs the transport function. In addition, thanks to its participation in the body occur all the oxidation reactions, without which life would be impossible. It also helps in the body is synthesized, the energy required for the existence of all living organisms.

There is a relationship between erythrocytes and amount of hemoglobin: if red blood cells are few, the level of protein will be low; if a lot of red blood cells, and hemoglobin will be enough. Iron, part of hemoglobin, the red blood cells and gives blood the red color. The amount of this protein affects the color of blood: if hemoglobin is low, the blood is red, liquid and light; if the hemoglobin level is high, the blood is more dense, and its color is deep red. Thus, the color of blood, you can judge the saturation of the body with oxygen. Reliably determine the content of hemoglobin in the blood allows laboratory analysis.

Healthy indicators

In order to evaluate the saturation of blood hemoglobin, needed to know what his standard for men and women, as well as for representatives of different age. In males, the normal hemoglobin in the blood ranges from an average of 120 to 165 g/L. For comparison, this rate in women is approximately 112-157 g/l. Different the normal "oxygen" of protein in the blood in women and men is simple: men because of their gender metabolism more intense, and this means that oxygen their tissues consume more. Increased hemoglobin in men compared to women is also due to the physicalwork and exercise stress that men experience often.

Table 1. Norma hemoglobin in the blood of men.

Age Hemoglobin level (g/l)
12-15 years 120-160
15-18 years 117-160
18-65 years 130-160
Over 65 years 125-165

Norma hemoglobin in the blood of men depends largely on their age, health, lifestyle and climatic conditions in which they live. With age the content of this protein in the blood in men is reduced, and it is regarded as a natural, normal phenomenon. A deviation from the norm in one direction or another for a few units is usually not considered a disease and a cause for concern. This may be the only individual feature of the body or temporary. Start to beat the alarm should be when the rate of hemoglobin deviates from the "healthy" limits on at least 5 units.

Low level of protein

Low hemoglobin in men occurs under the following circumstances:

  • Insufficient intake with food of animal protein, rich in iron. Most often this occurs when poor diet, switching to protein-free diet or vegetarian diet.
  • A deficiency of vitamins and microelements, which also occurs mainly in poor and monotonous food, and overworking yourself different diets. In addition, excess vitamin C may worsen the formation of vitamin B12.
  • Chronic inflammation of the intestine due to its disturbed structure of iron in the body is not absorbed.
  • Hemolytic anemia or infectious diseases, which are accompanied by disintegration of red blood cells.
  • Blood loss during surgery, in severe injuries or after blood donation.
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, which promote the destruction of blood cells.
  • The relative reduction of hemoglobin notice after intravenous injections of solutions with the help of dropper, but it is not a pathological symptom.

The most common cause of low hemoglobin in men is becoming anemic. This disease is manifested by weakness, rapid fatigue, not related to physical effort, pale skin, dullness and hair loss, brittle nails. In addition to these signs, you may experience dizziness, shortness of breath, rapid pulse and instability to the cold. Symptoms of anemia indicate the presence of serious violations in the body and the need to begin immediate treatment.

Elevated levels

In men increased hemoglobin can occur for the following reasons:

  • Intense physical work or exercise.
  • Diabetes.
  • Neoplastic processes inthe body.
  • Heart disease and blood vessels.
  • Failure lungs in hard-core smokers.
  • Excess b vitamins.
  • Mechanical bowel obstruction.
  • Climbing or living in high altitudes. High hemoglobin level in this case is associated with the body's attempt to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

There is increased hemoglobin such signs as lethargy, poor appetite, impaired vision and often periodic inflammation of the urinary organs.

High level of hemoglobin in the blood is considered less negative for the male body than low. However, despite this, when detecting the first signs of high hemoglobin should be lower, as it is a pathology and a markedly deteriorating health of men. Moreover, such a state is fraught with such dangerous consequences as blood clots and increased blood pressure. This is due to the increasing viscosity of the blood and difficulty moving through the vessels. It must be remembered that the high hemoglobin is not always clearly evident and can be reliably detected only by laboratory methods.

How to solve the problem

To improve the "oxygen" of the blood protein in the following way:

  • Change the diet, enriching it with products that contain a lot of animal protein. These foods include beef, pork, saltwater fish, eggs and offal. However, nutritionists do not recommend to stick only to animal proteins, we recommend to combine such products with a sufficient amount of vegetables.
  • The transition to a healthy lifestyle with sufficient physical activity, exposure to fresh air, the optimal mode of rest and work, a full bed.
  • The use of iron supplements.
  • Ingestion of infusions of the flowers of buckwheat, BlackBerry leaves, grass St. John's wort, nettle, yarrow.
  • Well proven mixture of ground walnuts, almonds and honey that should be consumed before meals within a month.

Often, men see a high hemoglobin, trying to slow his folk remedies without medical consultation. However, it is fundamentally the wrong approach to their health. The correct solution would be to visit a competent doctor who will perform an accurate diagnosis, to find out why the hemoglobin is elevated, and only then will help to lower it by assigning complex treatment.

High hemoglobin in men allow you to lower the following methods:

  • It is first necessary to eliminate from the diet red meat, offal and to limit the use of eggs. Instead, to increase the share of vegetables and chicken meat. Such foodsguaranteed to help lower the hemoglobin to normal values.
  • Drugs that expand blood vessels and make blood more liquid.
  • Hirudotherapy, or the use of leeches. This is a fairly unique and uncomfortable way of treatment, but it has its fans.
  • Ingestion Shilajit special course prescribed by a doctor.

It is worth remembering that all known treatments are allowed to apply only after a complete examination, the doctor identify the exact cause of the problem. This will allow you to regain your health and avoid more serious complications.