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Rate of eritotitov in the blood of men and the causes of the variances

Rate of red blood cells in the blood of men shows a satisfactory condition of the body. The change in their number and rate of subsidence suggests a pathological process occurring in a latent form. Causes of deviation from normal parameters can be very different.

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Some diseases develop unnoticed with vague severe clinical symptoms. Without additional tests it is sometimes difficult to make a correct diagnosis. This patient is prescribed a blood tests determine the causes of the disease and determine the treatment. The most informative are the indices of rbc and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), which serve to assess the overall condition of the body.

The mysterious figure

Rbc (red blood cell) – literally "red blood cells" red blood cells, the formed elements of blood red and biconcave discoid shape. Has been well studied from the point of view of physiology and histology. Have a diameter of 7.0–8 µm, sometimes there are physiological changes in size – less of 5.88 and more of 9.13 µm. Concave on both sides of the disk shape of the erythrocyte increases the area of suction of the dissolved gases (oxygen and carbon dioxide) in the blood.

Place of birth of erythrocytes red bone marrow, the site of the destruction of the liver and spleen. The lifespan of erythrocytes is about four months. Stable number of red blood cells present in blood, provided by the harmonized system renewal and destruction and is a constant value.

Function of erythrocytes:

  • The transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • The exchange of lipids.
  • The transfer of amino acids and bioactive substances.
  • The regulation of the PH balance of the blood.
  • The maintenance of homeostasis.
  • The provision of water-salt metabolism.
  • Participation in the immune reactions of the type, the neutralization of toxins.
  • Production of thromboplastin, indirect participation in the control of blood clotting.

Red blood cells can determine the rbc analysis. To do this, measure the concentration of red blood cells in 1 cubic ml or L. This blood test allows to inform the doctor about the General condition of the patient. The unit of measurement for the amount of erythrocytes is set to 1012/l Rent analysis on an empty stomach in the morning, study take capillary blood from a puncture on the ring finger. Count of red blood cells is carried out by the accounting chamber and the analyzers.

Rules of erythrocytes and other blood cells depends on age and gender. Consider the features of the blood of men, particularly rbc and ESR.

Table of normal values of peripheral blood in men




130-160 g/l


1-10 mm/h

Hematocrite number


Color indicator


The diameter of erythrocytes

5-6,9 (12,5 %). 7-8 (76 %) 8,1–9 (12,5 %).

The main reasons for the increase in ESR:

  1. The presence of an infectious process.
  2. The development of cancer pathology.
  3. Rheumatologic diseases.
  4. Kidney disease.
  5. The post-operative period.
  6. Inflammation of the biliary tract and pancreas.


Physiological fluctuations in the number of red blood cells should not exceed +/– 0,5 × 1012/l. It depends on some natural factors. Under heavy muscular work, emotional arousal, and increased perspiration the number of red cells increases. Physiological reduction of rbc occurs after eating and consumption of large amounts of fluid. These deviations are transitory and reversible, and pathology are not considered.

A marked increase in the number of red blood cells may be due to blood diseases, such as primary polycythemia. Or as a symptom accompany chronic oxygen starvation of tissues, for example, when Smoking (secondary polycythemia).

The decrease in the number of red cells – a clear sign of anemia, which may be identified in the rbc analysis. Causes: the absence or lack of animal food, hemolytic anemia, acute blood loss and some diseases of the blood. Also significantly reduce the number of red blood cells can some drugs.

In the urine in normal red blood cells should not be. They appear in the urine in diseases of the kidney and prostate. Or by excessive physical exertion that often happens in professional sports. This increases the blood pressure in the blood vessels, which disrupts kidney filtration of red blood cells, and they appear in the urine.

Table of standard indicators of urine (the urine of healthy men should not determine protein and glucose)

The PH of urine




Red blood cells in the urine

0-2 in sight.

Leukocytes in urine


The number of red blood cells is an important characteristic of the state of men's health, especially if he is actively involved in sports. Periodic blood tests allow to identify the level of deviation from the norm and to start timelytreatment.