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Why male androgens and what is their role in the body

For experts not a secret that the full execution of the body of its functions is impossible without hormones. Of great importance in the formation and normal operation of the reproductive system androgens play. However, the effect of androgens in isolation, it affects most organs and systems, and therefore the value of the sex hormones is sufficiently large.


General characteristics

Contrary to popular belief androgens, including testosterone, are produced not only for men, though are male sex hormones. During biosynthesis, they are formed in the genital organs and the adrenal cortex for both women and men, only the norm of androgens for men is much higher.

The main functions of male sex hormones are the development of secondary sexual characteristics and androgenization of the body, that is, the formation of male type. General characteristics, mechanism of action and function of androgens:

  • Anabolic and anti-catabolic function. Actively used for the production of sports nutrition. It is believed that the use of anabolic steroids burn fat and help muscle growth. Feature sports nutrition will be given below. There we will answer the question of whether anabolic steroids are able to burn fat.
  • Increases the metabolic rate of glucose, and thus reduces the concentration of sugar in the blood.
  • The hormone testosterone and other androgens contribute to the formation of fatty deposits on the male type. Fat is stored in the abdomen, in contrast to the deposition on the female type, when the fat is most pronounced on the buttocks, hips, Breasts.
  • The following function is to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, inhibition of the development of systemic atherosclerosis and pathologies of the cardiovascular system as a result of complications. Of course, a sign more characteristic of estrogens, i.e. female hormones, nevertheless men also have such functions.
  • The hormone testosterone and other androgens promote sexual libido, that is, the action of hormones aimed at the formation of libido. In men, the hormone responsible for the severity of penile erection, and women for the erection of the clitoris. However, a balance is important: if the hormones are produced in excess, the girls reduced the amount of natural lubricants, physiologically released during sexual stimulation that leads to pain during intercourse.
  • The main functions of androgens, visible externally, are the formation of a phenotype of male type. The increase in the hormonal levels in adolescence leads to:

The normal DHEA-S adult

Age group

The norm


-441 133 µg/DL

Women over 50 years

32 -204 µg/DL

Women up to 49 years inclusive

-333 30 µg/DL

Material for the blood sample is venous blood. Prior to analysis is recommended to carry out simple training: delete on the eve of the studies of alcoholic drinks and fatty foods. Directly before analysis, you cannot smoke for an hour before taking the lab material), and in the morning to eat (to take the test on an empty stomach).

  • The normal testosterone is not absolute. The values of hormone change during the day, so if you need analysis on hormone doing the triple. The values of testosterone in men range 5,76–30,43 nmol/L.
  • Index of free androgens is a characteristic of bioavailable testosterone. For the diagnosis of several diseases is important not only the total concentration of testosterone, but how much hormone is available.

Interpretation of the results of the analysis may be different, as confirmed by the doctors of laboratory diagnostics. It is largely be influenced by the characteristics of the reagents. The total value of hormone levels for all laboratories no. The decoding of each analysis should be conducted on an individual basis, given methods of examination and normal values for each laboratory.

Diseases and pathology

Change in the normal level of androgens may lead to undesirable consequences. Increase or decrease levels of sex hormones may cause the development of disease and may instead be a manifestation, that is a symptom of a pathology. Consider a different situation:

  • A frequent manifestation of disorders of normal levels of androgens can become pimples. Perhaps the most vivid sign of hyperandrogenemia in men (androgenetic and there is an excess of androgens).

Pimples often appear in adolescence and cause complexes and even depression in the maturing person. Acne, as androgen excess can occur as boys and girls.

The mechanism of formation of lesions in young people are the same. Under the influence of androgens there is an increase in sebum (some still call it sebum). Duct of the sebaceous glands are clogged, and pimples arise.

  1. The polycystic ovary syndrome.
  2. NP hyperplasia (adrenals).
  3. Hyperkeratosis of the ovaries.
  4. Tumor NP and ovaries.
  5. Hirsutism when there is insufficient production hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase.
  • The levels of DHEA-S it is important to determine at Jenin, when it is necessary to carry out differential diagnostics of diseases of adrenal glands and gonads(ovarian).


People are actively using androgens when there is a need to increase the level of steroids. A striking example of such situations are:

  • For sports nutrition. The most commonly used steroids in male bodybuilders to burn fat and build muscle. To call such a practice right impossible. Anabolics really accelerate muscle growth, in a way to burn visceral fat is through increased metabolism, but the official medical advice on this application no. On the contrary, due to the huge number of side effects, the use of nutrient mixtures with androgens for sports nutrition is prohibited.

Common side effects of androgens in men:

  1. Acne (pimples).
  2. Baldness.
  3. Masculinization in women.
  4. Problems of the sexual sphere in connection with hypertrophy of the prostate, testicular atrophy.
  5. Irritability.

In some situations, changes of the sexual sphere in men may be irreversible, including infertility, which is confirmed by doctors. Therefore, before using anabolics you should always think: isn't it easier to remove the excess visceral fat and build muscle mass through regular workouts.

  • Drugs with androgens. The most extensive scope of application of the medicines is treatment of hypogonadism. It should be noted that the net testosterone for the treatment of diseases is not assigned, as it is quickly metabolized and drugs with him quickly eliminated from the body.

Therapy drugs used with a structure to prevent their rapid destruction. The treatment can carry out:

  1. Esters of testosterone (eg, enanthate) administered parenterally. Scope — the treatment of hypogonadism.
  2. Preparations cutaneous application (patches). The mechanism of action of drugs of the same. Advantage is the slow release of androgens in the blood in comparison with the injectable (intramuscular) administration.
  3. Gel. Hydroalcoholic gel has been synthesized recently and is the most modern form of administration of testosterone, as confirmed by the doctors. Apply the gel in hypogonadism.

The gel has a value of the absorbability of the order of 9-14 %. After entering the bloodstream concentration is about 24 hours, which allows apply 1 p/day. Gel has other advantages: the application of the ointment in contrast injection does not cause supra-physiological peaks, that is the norm in hormone concentration corresponds to the physiological value.

The daily dose of androgen approximately 5 g, which corresponds to 50 mg of pure testosterone. Apply the gel is recommended on skinthe application is required to wash hands with soap and wait for complete absorption of the medication.

Has the gel and contraindications. Including breast carcinoma, malignant neoplasm of the prostate, individual sensitivity to any component included in the gel.

Preparations of androgens are crucial, but you can use them exclusively on the testimony.

The influencing factors

Above we described how people can increase the level of androgens. However, sometimes you need to reduce the production of male sex hormones. Drugs, mechanism of action which is aimed at reducing the level of androgens, are called androgens.

The doctors say that the algorithm in situations where the level of male sex hormones elevated, shall be as follows:

  • If a man or woman found at least one sign of the increase in the content of steroids in the blood, is assigned a full examination, including not only the analysis on hormones, but in order to identify the causes of the increase.
  • In the case when the cause is found and identified indications for decline in androgens, can be assigned the following drugs:
  1. Finasteride. Mainly used for the treatment of hirsutism.
  2. Flutamid. Lowers testosterone levels
  3. The cyproterone. Not only helps to reduce the level of hormones in the ovaries, but also inhibits ovulation.
  4. Diane-35.
  • Sometimes drug therapy is not enough, if we are talking about cancer. In such situations carry out surgical removal of the tumor.
  • Some people methods of traditional medicine prefer herbal treatment. On the Internet there are recipes of herbs that can help reduce the androgen level. People recommend:
  1. Mint. Mint is relatively inexpensive and available. Mint is useful in the composition of the herbal collection, which also includes milk Thistle. To make a useful anti-androgenic herbal remedy is quite simple. Peppermint used as a tea that is best brewed in an enamel pot on a water bath. According to the herbalists, to achieve the effect is enough to drink two cups of tea a day.
  2. Nettle infusion of the roots. You can buy the liquid extract.
  3. Licorice root in vegetable raw materials or the finished product.

Androgens have a complex impact on the body, so to self-medicate based on what you read on the Internet is impossible. Therapy for the correction of androgens in men, women, and especially children should carry out a competent specialist endocrinologist. Only in this case the treatment will lead to an appropriate result.