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Symptoms and treatment of andropause in men

Female menopause – a notion which is heard both men and women. But the concept of "andropause" is not known to many. Only recently begun to examine possible changes in the body of men after 40 and 50 years. Today we will discuss that "hot" period waiting for every man in adulthood, highlight the main symptoms are; define what to do if the symptoms of andropause you find yourself, however the most effective treatment.

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Andropause – a condition that occurs in male organism at deficiency of the male hormone testosterone and is manifested in the form of various symptoms that can disrupt mental and physical health of men.

Who threatens

As a rule, andropause in males begins after the age of 35-40. For a long time the symptoms of this condition may not cause much anxiety among the men and his inner circle. The severity of symptoms of andropause depends on the degree of reduction of testosterone in the blood, and also from its initial value. So, if a man in his youth was distinguished by an elevated sexual desire, the mean testosterone levels he is above average and even a small reduction would lead to noticeable changes in mental and physical health. Conversely, a quiet, "pandrogeny" young men may not feel that andropause came. The level of testosterone decreases approximately 1 % per year, which is relatively small numbers, but the significance of testosterone in the body men is so great that even this reduction causes significant changes. Treatment of andropause nonspecific and aimed at reducing troubling symptoms and conditions.

It should also be noted that men suffering from overweight and obesity, hypertension and diabetes, come to this condition much faster. Hence a means of maintaining male health – prevention of all these diseases since youth.


The main symptoms of male menopause:

  • Changes in the sexual sphere.

The most noticeable symptoms of andropause affect the sexual sphere. These include:

  1. Erectile dysfunction.
  2. Abnormal ejaculation in the form of early or late ejaculation.
  3. Hypoactive sexual desire – libido.
  4. Reduced ability to conceive.
  5. Change in sensation of orgasm, it does not bring the former pleasure.

Dysfunction in the sexual sphere is the most difficult to fight, the treatment is usually expensive and brings relief only for some time. Here, without the urologist-andrologist not do.

What to do and what treatment all of the symptoms of andropause? Many curious men, faced with the description of the male of menopause andhaving had a bunch of these disorders, become anxious and rush to the doctors with the horror of trying to find a suitable treatment. But don't write off all of their diseases to andropause. To properly assess the situation can only by a qualified specialist, who will prescribe the right treatment. What if you were left alone with their problems:

  • Move more. Physical activity not only helps to overcome the rapidly increasing weight, but also be an effective way to combat irritability, nervousness and excitability.
  • Proper nutrition – the guarantee of health at any age. Half the food should consist of fresh fruits and vegetables. A complete protein in the form of lean meat, eggs, milk products daily should be included in the diet. And, of course, remember, flour and confectionery products, sweet drinks, fast food (fast food restaurants and the like) – a lot of all, but not you. Do not forget about the dangers of excessive consumption of alcohol, because all alcoholic drinks and high-calorie. A glass of good dry wine – that's what you can now afford.
  • Load yourself with mental activities, so you can regularly exercise your memory and in addition also the prevention of certain neurological diseases to carry out. Perfect if you are studying a foreign language.
  • Of course, the disruption of some body immediately contact a specialist.

Important! The symptoms of andropause can occur in young men. It is always associated either with chemotherapy in case of cancer treatment or radiation exposure on the testicles and can also be the consequence of some medications for treatment of comorbidities. The sudden appearance of the signs of andropause is typical for castration – removal of testicles for a reason.

Andropause is not a sentence and not a serious disease, it's just the name for part of the lives of all men. The degree of manifestation of the symptoms of andropause depends on the condition of the body at the time of its occurrence, so the easiest way to avoid "severe menopause" – a healthy lifestyle from a young age.