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Table with the complete list of generics and description of popular drugs

Why don't like generics? It is believed that they are not "full" drugs of potency, although this allegation has no basis. On the contrary, the benefits of expensive drugs and cheap is almost identical.

Generics – drugs, no way inferior to their "parents originals" that have expired patent protection for therapeutic action. They have proven bioequivalence.

For example, one of the analogues of popular Noshpu (shpy) – drug Drotaverine, almost absolutely identical to the effect on the human body, only much cheaper. Therefore, if a person has no purpose to overpay, instead Noshpu or other drugs it can ask the pharmacist "copy".

Quick facts

Contrary to the misconception that generics are not "poor likeness" is known for expensive drugs to increase potency and treatment of prostatitis. They do not have any differences in the safety composition and performance, are manufactured in compliance with established pharmacological procedures and quality standards. However, their price is much more affordable patented drugs, allowing you to take these medicines the General population with low incomes. In addition, extensive use of generics is good for the national budget of the country and rational use of funds allocated to health.

What you need to know about generics:

  • What is the difference between "originals" and counterparts?

The possible differences between generics and their "parents" have always generated a lot of unlikely rumors. At the same time manufacturers of original drugs confirm that analogs of drugs to increase potency, have all the required properties, only named present active substance. Generics can be bought in bulk much cheaper, and excellent they are only on price and appearance.

  • Are they effective?

Yes, as they contain the same active ingredients as the original drugs. This provision gives generic drugs some advantages, they have a similar action, the user manual contains all the safety warnings describes the risks and clinical impact, but are much cheaper.

  • Why is the price lower?

Consumers always questioning low price similar drugs potency, believing them to be counterfeit. However, the low price of these drugs in contrast to the expensive original product, is simple: less production costs! The generic drugs do not require research, recipe development and advertising, it's all "paid by their parents, sold the rightsexclusive drug for the treatment of potency at a high price. In addition, the release of the original product is allowed only one company, which, being a monopoly, does not hesitate in setting prices. The issue as peers are allowed several pharmaceutical companies, and there is healthy competition.

  • Why do they look different?

Appearance counterparts are not always identical "firm", sometimes there are differences in the inactive ingredients of medications that can affect their shape, taste, size, and color. However, this does not make any changes to the impact of generic on the human body.

  • Can there be other side effects?

Usually similar drugs combine the entire principle of genuine medication, the instruction does not have significant differences. However, side effects may occur from inactive ingredients: fragrance, preservatives, pigments.

Based on the foregoing and contrary to the misconception, generics is a good way out for men who had problems in sexual sphere and personal life, but tangible wealth to buy expensive and patented drugs to improve the potency not. But before buying their analogues, it is necessary to consult a doctor and learn about all of the benefits, indications and reviews about the drug. Also you better understand the topic help is given in the article table.

Most popular "copy".

Full list of all available in the world of generics is very broad, if you take all the existing in all groups of medicines. Following, we will introduce analogues of the most popular drugs for the treatment of problems in intimate sphere and normalize the potency.

  • Generic Viagra

The clone on the chemical composition Sildenafil drug, allowing men to restore the lost functions. Successful treatment of potency using Viagra brought this analogue unprecedented popularity among men and women.

  • Generic Cialis

The developers of this tool was a clear goal – "to surpass the popularity of Viagra, and want to celebrate what they had, generic Cialis exceeded all expectations. One of its main advantages is the duration of action that is not subject to many other remedies for the treatment of potency. Instruction manual says it can operate for 36 hours and allow the man to carry out the wildest intimate plans. What is different generic Cialis from the "parent product"? It is no secret that the original drugs, unlike generics, are expensive and Tadalafil can afford not everyone. But drugs containing Tadalafil, in particular, generic Cialis availableand consumers with low incomes. The only thing that distinguishes generic Cialis – is the lack of brand name, the tablet having a different shape, and low price.

  • Generic Dapoxetine

Necessary men with problems in the genital region. In pharmacology generic Dapoxetine submitted in the form of a biconvex tablets with a blue-green hue. The reviews are mostly positive, many men say that it perfectly helps to cope with premature ejaculation. In pharmacy chains generic Dapoxetine can be found in the following forms: 30 mg, 60 mg, 90 mg. this marking tells about the quantitative content in tablets the active substance dapoxetine hydrochloride. No special instructions instruction manual does not provide for the consumer it is important to consider only contraindications and follow all the guidelines for taking the pills. Generic Dapoxetine is a tool constant use, the course prescribed by your doctor, on average, these drugs are used in 10-15 days 1 tablet per day.

Indian generics known in our country under different names, it all depends on the main active ingredient (active component). The list is not so extensive, but of all known drugs for potency drugs Viagra, Cialis, Levitra the most recognizable.

About the generic Cialis and Viagra mentioned above, and following it goes generic Levitra that are relatively fresh development, among the drugs for improving male potency.

  • Analogue Levitra

Vardenafil is the active component of this drug, with it, a man can restore impaired sexual response in a natural way, without resorting to a thorough treatment. Reviews about this generic, as professionals and consumers alike are generally very positive, the drug helps to eliminate the most striking manifestations of erectile dysfunction. Application instructions contains detailed information on the multiplicity of reception, the possible undesired effects of the overdose and indicates "bystrodeistviya" means. Taking the pill provides the most rapid penetration into the bloodstream of the active substance and the onset desired by the male effect.

Indian generics are more popular "no chance", but because of the quality compared to the Chinese counterparts. According to the modern medical literature on the shelves of pharmacies and online stores over the past decade, a host of generic drugs that promise to improve the quality of male power. But remember that only careful selection of any drug and consultation with doctor will help to normalize sexual function and to avoid undesirable sideeffects, which prevents the usage instructions. Also, you should look at the following table.

Table of generics No. 1. A list of popular drugs

Name The active ingredient Drug/analog Testimony Price
Viagra Sildenafil Dynamic Erectile dysfunction treatment 270-850
Belosalic Betamethasone and salicylic acid Akriderm SK Psoriasis, chronic eczema, ichthyosis, pruritus limited with strong lehenetsia, atopic dermatitis, diffuse neurodermatitis, etc. 180-350
Bepanten Dexpanthenol Dexpanthenol Prevention and treatment of dry skin in violation of the integrity of her skin 83-230
Bystrumgel' Ketoprofen Ketoprofen Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system 60-150
Voltaren Diclofenac Diclofenac Inflammatory and degenerative inflammation activated forms of rheumatism 28-284
Gastrozol Omeprazole Omeprazole Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers, etc. 44-100
De-Nol Bismuth subcitrate Gastro-norm Ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcer in acute phase 220-950
Detralex Diosmin and Hesperidin Venerus Venous insufficiency of the lower limbs 360-600
Diflucan Fluconazole Fluconazole Systemic fungal infections, candidiasis, fungal infections 25-400
Llanos Xylometazoline Linestop Rhinitis of different origin 20-80
Zyrtec Cetirizine Caterings Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, etc. 70-240
Zovirax Acyclovir Acyclovir Herpes 30-250
Immunal Extract of Echinacea purpurea Echinacea Immunodeficiency 50-210
Imodium Loperamide Loperamide Diarrhea of different Genesis 15-300
Codomain Potassium iodide Potassium iodide Prevention of diseases caused by iodine deficiency 90-200
Cavinton Vinpocetine Vinpocetine Violation of cerebral circulation 225-600
Mucosolvan Ambroxol Ambroxol Mucolytic agent 15-320
Lioton 1000 Heparin sodium Heparin-acre gel 1000 Prevention and treatment of thrombophlebitis 90-320
Pancreatin Pancreatin Problems with digestion, etc. 27-275
Miramistin The title Chlorhexidine Antiseptic local 12-225
Movalis Meloxicam Meloxicam Inflammatory processes in the joints 120-400
Nurofen Ibuprofen Ibuprofen Pain syndrome 12-100
Panadol Paracetamol Paracetamol Feverish syndrome 4-40
Fastum gel Ketoprofen Ketoprofen Inflammation of the connective tissue apparatus 60-240
Flucostat Fluconazole Fluconazol Systemic fungal 25-150
Enap Analapril Enalapril Hypertension 80-130

As shown by the impressive list of drugs, almost every expensive and widely advertised drugs there is a decent analogue. But you should not rush to buy generic drugs in bulk, their production will not be stopped and, if necessary, any consumer, if he prescribed drugs do not afford, can ask the pharmacist to sell it cheaper. The main thing – not to self-medicate!