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The value of the Adam's Apple in the body men and women

It is no secret that some men in certain acting skills and the ability to transform, may appear to go for attractive women. However, the trained eye of a specialist will easily see through the masquerade for a small difference — the presence or lack of Adam's Apple on the throat. This symptom is among the secondary sex characteristics of men, which we describe below. Also talk on topics what kind of education, why do we need Adam's Apple, is there a Adam's Apple in women, will address questions about diseases and pathologies that lead to pain in the region of his Adam's Apple.

кадык у мужчины

Anatomy and physiology

The formation of the Adam's Apple begins in adolescence (12-14 years), when it starts rapid aging and an increased secretion of hormones. Adolescents formed the main differences in the anatomical structure of the Adam's Apple on the throat. Men have a special way fused cartilage plates grow in size and Adam's Apple — the second name of the Adam's Apple becomes convex and visible to the eye.

Many people ask why girls do not have Adam's Apple? Indeed, photos of women of different ages cartilage is invisible. However, the fair sex structure there, but the Adam's Apple in women is always less noticeable if with hormonal status all right: the cartilage is softer, and the plates are fused under less acute angle, which forms the smoothed contour. Further education helps hide the layer of subcutaneous fat, particularly pronounced if the woman is the chubby one. Whatever it was – both men and women in the area of the throat to palpate the cartilaginous education, but visually strongly bulging cartilaginous structure in the absence of pathology exclusively in men.

Many wondered why the Adam's Apple and if he performs at men any important functions. The answer is Yes. There are several basic functions:

  • Protective. The neck is a pretty vulnerable part of the human body. Anatomically there are numerous major vascular and nerve bundles, the major organs of the digestive and respiratory systems, protected from ambient effects by a thin skin. Therefore, Adam's Apple, you can imagine a kind of shield for the larynx, preventing its compression, and means suffocation.
  • Preventing the spread of saliva in the respiratory system.
  • Voice. It is no secret that men have a voice rougher and lower than in women. The feature is associated with great tension of the ligaments that occurs in puberty, with increasing Adam's Apple.

Thyroiditis is clinically manifested in different ways. In acute process of man or woman will make a complaint that hurts Adam's Apple. The pain extends across the front of the neck, can give inthe jaw, increase when you turn your head, the movements of the neck. Frequent General symptoms: fever, weakness, fatigue, chills.

In subacute inflammation of sore throat in the area of the Adam's Apple less pronounced, and the General manifestations of the disease. During palpation in acute and subacute processes will be determined soreness, discomfort in the projection of the thyroid gland, just below the Adam's Apple.

If detected autoimmune or fibrinous form of thyroiditis, the pain in Adam's Apple, as a rule, absent. In the first place are the complaints related to the alteration of normal hormonal status.

  • Discomfort and pain in the area of the Adam's Apple can cause tumors of the neck, most often a tumor of the thyroid gland, including cancer. The tumor may not manifest itself for a long time. Over time, the person begins to feel pain in the throat when swallowing, sometimes below the cartilage, you notice that the sticks of small size shot. However, these manifestations rarely occur at the onset of the tumors, therefore, regularly inspect the organs of the neck is necessary for both men and women.
  • Injury of the Adam's Apple. A sufficiently serious reason to seek medical attention. In the Internet you can find not only video or photos on how to tear the cartilage of the Adam's Apple. However, this is strongly not recommended. To pull the cricoid cartilage – it means to deprive a person of life. Immediately, pleuro-pulmonary shock, fatal. So don't unnecessarily try to snatch cartilaginous education, especially to teach children how to pull the Adam's Apple with the purpose of self-defense.

This technique and a punch in the Adam's Apple can be useful in combat, and other attempts to pull the structure from the throat will end in tears. You can break down cartilage, cause compression of the organs of the neck, suffocation. The consequences are hard to predict. So if you tried to pull out the cartilage of the Adam's Apple, and then came the pain in the throat, severe discomfort, difficulty swallowing or breathing, you should immediately consult a doctor.

  • Cellulitis directly cartilage. The disease will proceed with the expressed clinical picture. Man or woman will experience not just a discomfort in the area of the Adam's Apple, but sharp pain. Inflammation of the cartilage compresses the throat and larynx, so additional symptoms are difficulty swallowing, breathing and change (osiplosti) vote, increase the surrounding lymph nodes that a man or woman would describe as a lump or a ball near the Adam's Apple.
  • The tuberculous process. Unfortunately, nowadays this disease is also found. Complaints and symptoms will depend on the severity of the process. If the disease has just started, it may indicatethis symptom, like a sore throat, which is mistakenly taken by the individual and doctors for a symptom of other diseases.

Each disease has its own treatment

Each disease is treated differently. This diversity is due to the large number of etiological factors, causing pain, discomfort and other symptoms. Therapy options may be different:

  • If presses the cartilage of the Adam's Apple and cause is inflammation, most often treatment will include antibiotic therapy.
  • Malignant neoplasms affecting the larynx, trachea and Adam's Apple to the nearby organs are treated comprehensively. In each case the method of treatment is selected individually. The method of treatment depends on the extent of the disease, the patient how many years and what is the overall condition of the patient. In some situations, the testimony may be carried out the removal of Adam's Apple.
  • Tuberculosis has a complex treatment regimen. No matter how old the patient is, male or female, the patient is also appointed anti-TB drugs, and in some cases required long-term hospitalization.
  • Traumatic injury is often life-threatening, so men and women are subject to mandatory examination by a specialist and in some cases – hospitalization.
  • We should also say about the removal of the Adam's Apple. Operation chondrolaryngoplasty is not common, but occurs often enough. This may need to remove cartilage
  1. Men with big Adam's Apple. This also happens. The cartilage in this case, it interferes with normal eating, excessive acts.
  2. Transsexuals during transition. Removal of the Adam's Apple helps to build women's voice and complete feminization. On the Internet there are photos before and after surgery, showing the effectiveness of operations.

If we talk about how to reduce his Adam's Apple expeditious way, then it can be done in two ways:

  1. Complete removal. The most effective option. Is carried out in cases where to remove cartilage without health consequences. Complete removal leads to a change in tone of voice. Lack of intervention is the inability to increase the cartilage back if dissatisfaction with the results of the operation or for other reasons. The change is permanent.
  2. Partial removal. Held at impossibility of the first option. During the operation changing the position of the Adam's Apple, but rather the angle of the cartilaginous plates – from male to female (photos of the process can be found on the Internet). The operation is less traumatic, however, desirable in certain situations the change of voice interference will not result.

Any option of surgical intervention should be undertaken after a fullexamination in a specialized clinic. How much will the surgery cost, it is better to check with the venue.