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Standards for levels of prolactin in men (causes of high and low level)

Prolactin is a hormone produced by the anterior lobe of the pituitary, prolactin is synthesized in men less than in women. Rate the content of it in the blood of men according to different laboratories, techniques, below 10 ngml (400 slow). This product of the pituitary gland released into the blood cycle, 14 times a day, approximately every 1.5 hours, breaks 30 minutes.

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The increased volume produced during sleep. Inhibited the secretion of prolactin excess intake of water. Normal is to increase those figures by 10-15% in the presence of certain factors prior to blood sampling for analysis. Factors that modify the contents of the hormone:

  • heavy exercise the day before the study;
  • poor sleep;
  • fasting more than 12 hours;
  • overeating (especially protein);
  • any stress (even fear research pain);
  • nicotine in any form (cigarettes, patches, etc.).

More of these factors exist when there is elevated levels of prolactin.

Many research centers of endocrinology tried to bring back the amount of prolactin the blood of men, women. Their attempts were not successful due to the high lability indices of prolactin when low or high amount of it depended on many factors. For example, time of day, physical activity, quantity, quality of food intake, sleep duration, mood of the subjects. Increased volume or reduced its emission in blood counts at about a tenfold difference result.

What is needed

Prolactin is a gonadotropic hormone is a hormone that regulates the function of sexual glands. Women have this hormone after childbirth. Due to the fact that emitted an increased amount of prolactin increases breast milk secretion develops physiological amenorrhea (absence of menstruation, the possibility of conception).

Prolactin in men controlled the content of testosterone in the blood (the concentration responsible for the presence of secondary sexual characteristics, of masculinity, libido), stimulates spermatogenesis (formation of sperm). The norm of its content in the blood regulated by the nervous system, so are very dependent on the presence of stress, fatigue (e.g., decreased level observed in long-distance runners, increased volume under stress).

With the defeat of the pituitary gland possible reduced levels of the hormone or lack of it along with the other secrets of this cancer. In this case there are symptoms of a lack of other hormones diabetes insipidus, low body weight, low blood pressure, a sharp General weakness, the appearancedepigmented areas of the skin.

When it a lot

This condition is diagnosed when an increased volume of release of prolactin is called hyperprolactinemia. This pathology is more common. The increased volume of release of hormone into the bloodstream with the development of adenoma-specific pituitary tumors (proliferation of cells secreting the hormone, prolactinoma). In addition, the cause may be related:

  1. With diseases of other endocrine glands in men (chronic prostatitis).
  2. With lung cancer.
  3. With some medications (neuroleptics, narcotics, H2-blockers, other drugs).

Symptoms of hyperprolactinemia in men (when prolactin is thrown the increased volume associated with the violation of the formation of testosterone. First, develops muscle weakness, impotence, infertility. Soon there is an increase in mammary glands, sometimes with milk.

Depending on the size of the pituitary tumor there are symptoms of compression of surrounding structures of the brain that detect neurologist, ophthalmologist. Most often it is the change in field of view, the appearance of diabetes insipidus (high urine volume and fluid intake, thirst; takes into account the normal sugar content of blood). For further diagnosis appoint MRI brain, blood tests (looking for the pituitary adenoma, increased the release of prolactin). This hormone normally blood is many times compared to the norm. Consider mandatory retesting of testosterone, if detected by elevated prolactin.

The treatment gives a good result with early detection of pathology. The most common cause of treatment – the presence of a prolactinoma. Start the fight with it, using bromocriptine, much less other drugs, if there is a need (other endocrine drugs called dopamine agonists). The indications for surgical removal of the tumor are certain situations, including:

  1. If medications do not bring improvement.
  2. When there is allergic to them (which is often).
  3. With the progression of the growth of prolactinomas with the compression of the surrounding structures of the brain.

With all the changes (increased volume or decreased) levels of prolactin the blood of men required a thorough search of the causes of these changes. To eliminate the influence of random factors, re-assign research (especially if the result of laboratory tests – elevated levels). For this we need to see a doctor. Identifying the causes of abnormal levels of prolactin (usually it is increased volume of blood in men gives the opportunity for successful treatment.