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Indicators of standards and increased level of estradiol in men

The female sex hormone estradiol in males is produced in relatively small quantities by the adrenal glands, its cortical layer. The level of this hormone in men, of course, more low, than at women. The normal amount in the blood is very labile, it depends on how determined the level of estradiol by each laboratory uses different methods). Therefore, the analysis result will always contain so-called reference values. It is allowable content for the laboratory.

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For what it is

Men estradiol is necessary not less than women. However, in much smaller numbers. It functions in the male body are little different from those in women. Estradiol for men is necessary because it is responsible for several tasks:

  1. The hormone causes an increase in bone density. This prevents osteoporosis.
  2. Stimulates growth and function of the smooth muscle fibers of the urinary and digestive systems. It is important for the usefulness of urine excretion, secrets of sexual glands. For example, in the process of ejaculation.
  3. That is estradiol in men relieves symptoms of muscular fatigue, weakness.
  4. The hormone AIDS in the formation of sperm cells, thereby causing an increase in the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate men. Low estradiol levels observed in males, has consequences in the form of male infertility, osteoporosis, declining muscle strength, disrupts the function of the digestive and urinary systems.

Normal levels

There is a norm of indicators of hormonal research in the study of gonadal function in men. Consider the example of the laboratory Invitro. Always studies suggest a complex analysis of all factors affecting the function of sexual glands.

In men, the analysis includes data on the number of estradiol, anti-Müller hormone (a marker of testicular function), inhibin – a marker of spermatogenesis, FSH, presented in the table. The units contained hormones are different, there are n/mol/l, and others, which can be converted to these units (p/mol/l). Doing this, producing mathematical calculations using coefficients.

The study

The result (norm)


40-161 p/mol/l

Anti-Muller hormone

1,3 of 14.80 ng/ml

Inhibin In

A 4.0–352,0 PG/ml


0,95–11,95 mu/ml

Why change the contents and what to do

The causes when they detect an increased or decreased level of estradiol inblood men, a variety. They can have serious consequences for life, be persistent, transient. Therefore, a blood test for the hormone estrogen is done repeatedly, in subsequent studies it may be the norm of its content. Consider the reasons for changes in the blood do not correspond to the concept of "norm":

  • The reasons why the amount of hormone is altered, can be associated with various diseases of internal organs, affecting the synthesis of testosterone, damage to the male gonads inflammation, trauma, tumors. At lower concentrations of testosterone the level of estrogen becomes relatively high, manifested mainly by their effect. Men appear so-called symptoms of virilization (femininity).

The main manifestation – increase in mammary glands, the secretion of milk. Notice all men. On the other symptoms they pay little attention, giving them a different explanation. This:

  1. Obesity, weight gain.
  2. Hair loss.
  3. Muscle weakness.
  4. Impotence, infertility.
  • In liver cirrhosis of any nature hormone synthesis is not changed. Due to the lack of full functional liver tissue estradiol decays slowly circulates in the blood, showing virility effect in men. A decreased level of utilization of estradiol observed in chronic liver failure after suffering hepatitis, the presence of chronic, alcoholism.
  • The increase in the number of estradiol provides an analysis in the presence of the tumor of the cortical substance of the adrenal glands. The levels of hormone in these cases changed many times. Especially the sharp increase observed in the presence of hormone-producing tumors called "corticosterone".

This tumor produces the hormone estradiol, causing rapid virilization in men. If such a tumor develops in boys, markedly reduced their growth, sexual development, appears obesity, hypertension, striae (stretch marks). Elevated levels of estradiol also causes breast enlargement in such patients, the selection of milk.

  • Much less likely to increase the amount of estradiol in men is observed in pituitary tumors when a blood test detects the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in an amount greater than the norm. This hormone stimulates cells of the adrenal glands to increase production of estradiol. There are signs of virilization men, similar to those described above. Hormone levels of estradiol, if done the analysis on its content, also becomes elevated.

If a man showed signs of virilization, reduced potency, weight gain, urgent need to go to the doctor-endocrinologist. Afterinspection usually assigned an additional examination, laboratory, instrumental. Studied the level of hormones in the blood (increased, reduced), is CT or MRI of the brain, abdominal cavity to search for adrenal tumors.

Most importantly – do not delay treatment to the doctor examination. Identify hormonally active tumors usually are malignant. Treatment can be successful only with early diagnosis, surgical treatment. This reduces the amount of estradiol to return the image of "masculinity".