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Especially the preparation, conduct and consequences of the surgery, the circumcision

The circumcision – this medical term mean familiar to us in literature the removal of the foreskin in men. Circumcision from the earliest times was used of the Jewish and Muslim peoples with a religious purpose. Modern circumcision has a completely different purpose. The preparation and the holding of its much more complicated. This operation is carried out on strictly medical grounds, and to improve the aesthetic appearance of the genitals. Conducting such operations sometimes scares patients. They believe that the possible consequences are difficult to predict. And suddenly after that impair the reproductive ability of men or there will be unforeseen complications of an inflammatory nature? Let's see if the circumcision for patients.

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When is mandatory

Under any circumstances the surgeon may recommend the holding of such a surgical treatment like circumcision?

  1. Preparation for this procedure is necessarily performed with such disease as phimosis. It is characterized by narrowing of the foreskin is full or not full. As a result, the patient is unable to open the head of the penis. Conducting hygiene care difficult. The consequences are various complications inflammatory nature.
  2. Circumcision makes sense in this infectious disease, like warts of the genital organs.
  3. Holding her shows and in various injuries of the genital region of men. Indeed, in this case, may develop complications in the form of scarring of the connective tissue, and then formed secondary complications such as phimosis.
  4. Reviews doctors suggest that this technique can dramatically reduce the likelihood of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. In addition, circumcision is one of the methods for the restoration of impaired functioning of the male reproductive organs.

What techniques are used

The circumcision regardless of the methodology used belongs to the category of cosmetic surgery in the genital area men. The technique of surgical intervention, preparation and cost of the surgery largely depend on the location and size of skin folds, circumcision to be. What methods can be used in this case?

  • Prepare the minimum operational procedure is indicated when the penis is unable to function after the formation on it of scars or scars. To eliminate such complications, then a fairly small area of tissue.
  • Summary circumcision is shown, if necessary, fully open the area of the penis head. In the courseconducting its operations, the surgeon creates a crease in the coronal area of the penis.
  • The so-called "tight" laser surgery allows for complete removal of the foreskin. In this case, the laser in a circle, then the whole crease.
  • At low removal of the foreskin of the excision of it is from the inside. The consequences of such processes allow for the recovery of small folds in the region of the coronal sulcus.
  • Holding high a circumcision by laser to remove the necessary amount of skin flap. After the procedure, is saved the inner section, and a suture the surgeon has in the most suitable location.
  • This files most often assigned to the circumcision in the moderate type. The consequences are expressed in the form of sufficient open head, and restore a small area of skin folds around is also possible.

When the preparation is completed, the surgeon proceeds immediately to procedure. The circumcision starts with the separation of sheets of skin in the area of the head. Then with a scalpel or laser separates the required size of the flap. Can then open the bleeding. Similar complications during the operation can easily be addressed by plugging and suturing of vessels. Restores the appearance of fabrics by suturing the areas of the skin.

Proper preparation and execution circumcision reduces the duration of postoperative period. The penis some time will be protected by a bandage. This will prevent the development of complications of an infectious nature.

The consequences

In some cases after a circumcision, as evidenced by patient feedback, develop certain consequences:

  1. Incorrect technical procedure (violation of ligation of the vessels) can lead to the formation of a haematoma.
  2. Often circumcision causes severe bleeding.
  3. The wound may become infected due to contact of urine on a sterile bandage in the process of urination. Treatment in this case is carried out with antibiotics.
  4. When using the method of "double slit", decreases the sensitivity of glans penis. However, in some cases it is an undoubted advantage, as it increases the duration of sexual intercourse.

If the circumcision is done correctly, then no complications arise, and the appearance in no way affects functionality of the penis.


Viktor Surkov, 25 years old:

Was circumcised because my penis is not satisfied. It was painful only when did the first injection with the anesthesia. After that, I felt nothing. Healed quickly. The stitches were removed at my request. I didn't wantwait, when they will resolve. The result satisfied me.

Anastasia Volkova, 26 years:

My son of 3 years revealed phimosis. The doctors insisted on the circumcision of the foreskin. The operation was successful. The baby feels good. The bandage was removed on the third day and the stitches were not removed. They are small and do not interfere with him. The doctors said they will resolve with time.

Maxim Zuev, 48 years:

Did such an operation in 45 years. This is great!!! I regret not having done this sooner. My penis is more aesthetically pleasing looks, and during sex the sensations became sharper!