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The pros and cons of surgery for penile prosthesis (with prices and reviews)

Penile prosthesis is an operation aimed at restoring erectile function of the penis in men. The essence of this intervention is to introduce into the tissue of the penis special of prosthetic material, after which it is possible to radically get rid of problems with potency. Patient testimonials confirm the high effectiveness of this intervention. Let us consider what the operation of the penile prosthesis, when it is displayed and how much this type of treatment.



The essence of surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction is the implantation in the cavernous body of the penis special devices – penile prosthesis. With their help a man can achieve an erection and perform intercourse. The intervention is performed under General anesthesia. Surgical access is determined by the particular anatomical features of the patient and the selected model of the prosthesis. On this basis, the localization of the cuts is different. This can be the area of the scrotum, under the pubic bone, in the area of the foreskin. All kinds of the operation of the penile prosthesis are divided into two main groups. Their difference lies in the choice of prosthesis. Release:

  • Semi-rigid or flexible falloprotezy (one component). The design consists of two silicone cylinders which are equipped with rod and wire. During the operation of the penile prosthesis in the cavernous body of the penis is placed silicone prosthesis. Due to the presence of rod and wire has possibility to save preset position of the male sexual organ. For sexual intercourse one just needs to raise a hand a penis. After intercourse, it returns to its original position. However, the disadvantage of this method penile prosthesis is that after the intervention of the constant stiffness of the prosthesis.
  • Hydraulic or inflatable (three-way). This is the most convenient method of penile prosthesis, which is confirmed by reviews. The structure of the prosthesis consists of two cylinders with a special reservoir for fluid, connected by the pump. During the operation, the cylinders are placed in the cavernous body of the penis, a pump placed in the scrotum, the liquid reservoir sutured to the region behind the pubic bone. To achieve the erection will take a few times to compress the pump the liquid is forced into the cylinders and increases their stiffness. After intercourse, to resolve penile erection, it should bend and wait for complete relaxation. At this time there will be a reverse flow of liquid in the tank. Reviews say that this type of penile prosthesis provides a more natural look, including at rest. Besides, this is the mostphysiological model. But its price is considerable.

Among the contraindications for penile prosthesis it is necessary to highlight the different types of priapism. These are the States that are accompanied by excessive, often painful erection of the penis.

The cost

The choice of penile prosthesis for penile prosthesis is chosen individually after passing a detailed examination. Can also require consultations with other doctors for excluding contraindications to surgery, and only then begins preparations for the intervention.

The choice of prosthesis for penile prosthesis depends on the clinical situation and the patient's wishes and financial possibilities. The average cost of plastic surgery on the penis will cost 45000-50000 rubles. It should be noted that this price does not include the cost of preoperative examination, consultations of related specialists, anesthesia and most importantly, this amount is excluding the cost of the prosthesis. As the reviews, make a penile prosthesis is not cheap. If necessary for additional payment after the introduction of the endoprosthesis it is possible to do surgical procedures to increase penis size. The table shows the total price of the surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction of the penis.

The option of intervention

The cost

The implantation of a semi-rigid denture (standard)

90000-125000 RUB.

Implantation of a semirigid prosthesis (complicated)

110000-145000 RUB.

Implantation of a semirigid prosthesis to increase the size of penis

225000-280000 RUB.

Implantation of a three-component inflatable prosthesis (standard)

230000-27000 RUB.

Implantation of a three-component inflatable prosthesis to increase the size of penis

350000-400000 RUB.

In some conditions, penile prosthesis is the only effective treatment for impotence. The reviews say that to do the surgery expensive, but after the interventions guaranteed a great result.



After surgery the result was very pleased. Just note that I chose the standard one-component semi-rigid prostheses. When choosing, for me the main criterion was the financial component. The first time was such a high, I reallywaited this long, and to take my pills tired, especially they were not as effective as before. Then I started to pay attention to the fact that the prosthesis provides permanent erection. And this, frankly, is not very convenient in everyday life. Therefore, all decisions on the operation suggest to save money for a more modern prosthetic device.


After I had impotence, I went through many doctors, tests were handed in nemerenoe number. The results showed that I have expressed atherosclerotic vascular disease, which involve the blood vessels of the penis. The only option was surgery. After much deliberation, settled on hydraulic models. The first time was some inconvenience, but knowing that male power is back, leveled all the disadvantages. Overall I am very pleased with the result.


Put the prosthesis with the pump. I have never regretted.