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The operation and effects frenuloplasty

Frenuloplastika is the total definition of plastic surgery of short bridles. It may be tongue-tie or lip in the mouth. In men often cause when you frenuloplastika, is a shortening of the frenulum of the foreskin of the penis. Consider a variation of this operation. So, frenuloplastika in men.

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Why is it necessary

Shortening bridle foreskin is quite common, about 30% of men over the age of 18. This longitudinal fold of skin on the underside of the penis helps to release the head from the foreskin at the time of erection. If the frenulum is short, the exemption of the head is accompanied by not lifting and lowering of the penis.

Short frenulum:

  • violates the holding of sexual intercourse, making it painful due to the tears of the frenulum of the penis;
  • accompanied by bleeding;
  • is often the cause of premature ejaculation, male infertility.

This condition is causing man severe mental trauma, lowers his self-esteem. Frenuloplastika eliminates all of these unpleasant features, makes the carrying out sexual intercourse fully. Men can easily agree to it.

How is

To make the operation about short frenulum of the foreskin of the penis, it is necessary to visit the urologist or the surgeon. After examination, the specialist clarifies whether frenuloplastika, appoints examination, involving the preparation for the operation. It includes:

  1. Blood tests for STIs (sexually transmitted infections), syphilis.
  2. Blood clotting.
  3. The analysis of urine.
  4. In the presence of men of diseases of other systems assigned to specialist advice (in the presence of coronary disease, the cardiologist should provide an opinion on the possibility of conducting such an operation, as frenuloplastika). Specifies the price intervention.

Most often frenuloplastika outpatient (no hospital admission), takes 20-25 minutes. Usually performed, local anaesthesia, but the use of anesthesia is quite possible at the request of a man or if you are allergic to anesthetics. Means of intervention, the surgeon decides which one to use in a particular case.

The most effective until recently was considered frenuloplastika with transverse intersection of the frenulum of the prepuce and ligation of the vessels of the bridle sutures. Used other techniques, for example, Z-shaped plastic bridles. Performing it takes a little more time, frenuloplastika technically more complicated but the results are more aesthetic. The operation ends with the imposition of aseptic dressings, the doctor gives tips onmonitoring the bandage health.

After surgery

After the intervention of a man resting for 2-3 hours, then can go home. It is recommended to avoid heavy physical, sexual activity for 2 weeks while the tissues heal after surgery. It is necessary to observe the body temperature, condition of the dressing.

Should immediately contact the operating surgeon if:

  • there appeared chills, fever;
  • soaked blood bandage;
  • happened visible swelling of the genital organs.

Possible consequences in the form of bleeding, infection in the wound are rare, may require hospitalization, further treatment with antibiotics, infusion therapy. Rarely causes such serious complications as gangrene of the penis.

Such impacts are associated with failure by man to doctor's recommendations. Usually after 2 weeks all mode restrictions are removed, restores the normal rhythm of sexual life. The surgeons noted that the ongoing Z-shaped plastic bridle foreskin is the best results of healing, less scarring, no recurrence of the shortening of the frenulum. The transaction price in Moscow is different with different techniques and ranges from 5000 to 15000 RUB.

Surgery about short frenulum of the foreskin is performed in men often is considered to be one of the most simple, performed on an outpatient basis. This does not exclude the possibility of any complications common to surgery. It requires attention to the condition in the postoperative period, strict observance of all doctor's advice.