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What clipped the foreskin in men and how is it performed (with prices and reviews)

Circumcision (circumcision) is a surgical operation for partial or full excision of the foreskin of the penis. About half of the male population are circumcised.

процедура по обрезанию

Medical advice

There are some diseases that require excision of the foreskin in men:

  1. A complete loss of penile genital warts in men.
  2. Phimosis.
  3. The fusion of the foreskin with the glans penis.
  4. Cancer of the foreskin.
  5. Hypertrophy of the prepuce.
  6. Chronic balanitis or balanoposthitis.
  7. Candidiasis of the glans penis (according to indications).
  8. Premature ejaculation.
  9. Inflammation of the urinary tract in men.
  10. Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and AIDS.

Indications for surgery determined by the physician by analyzing the anamnesis, data of laboratory researches. The operation for men in the period of exacerbation is not recommended.

The positive and negative aspects

The advantages of the procedure of circumcision:

  • easier to maintain hygiene;
  • prevention of accumulation of smegma;
  • prevention of inflammatory diseases;
  • indications prevention of cancer of the penis in men;
  • prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS;
  • increase the duration of sexual intercourse.

The study of the effects of circumcision questioned some of the "pros" listed above.

In countries where the risk of Contracting AIDS is very high, the who recommends circumcision for the prevention of the disease in men. Studies have shown that rough after circumcision the skin on the head of the penis becomes less permeable for penetration of the virus.

Physiological feature of development – phimosis in children under 3 years, then disappears. But there is a chance (20%) that will need surgery to prevent irritation of the head of the penis accumulates under the foreskin secret (smegma) and the occurrence of inflammation.

The risk of festering wounds due to the proximity of the anal area and infection complement these disadvantages of circumcision.

The foreskin is a natural protection because of it is self-cleaning head. Some Muslims are circumcised at home that threatens to wound infection, pain and shock, large blood loss, risk of severe edema.

Another argument of the operation in house conditions and without anesthesia, some devout Muslims and Jews is the test of fortitude and adherence to tradition.

There are statistics of deaths under anesthesia in children, as well as how many children were killedafter massive blood loss and shock.

It is not excluded the possibility of additional complications of thrombosis of various degrees of severity. Weighing the pros and cons of the operation, in the age of every man must decide for himself whether he should do this procedure if it is not due to medical reasons.

Types of surgical intervention

A full or partial deletion of the folds of the foreskin:

  1. Partial removal is shown to facilitate the exposure of the head, which in the free state is completely covered by the foreskin, except a small hole opposite of the urethra.
  2. Minimal removal involves excision of a small part. The operation is performed, if there is a circular scar or foreskin hypertrophied. After healing in its flaccid STA as the penis looks no different from the uncircumcised.
  3. Excision of the tight – head is fully open due to the removal of the entire foreskin.
  4. High removal – when there is foreskin and its edge is located at different distance from the base of the penis.
  5. Low excision – the incision is at the coronal sulcus.

On consultation doctor will decide which method is better – partial or full removal, if not dictated by the need for curative methods, how much foreskin is to be cut.

As a result of any of these methods, complications can arise not only because of the trauma, but also due to individual anatomical differences.

Currently, advanced techniques are operation conducted by the radiosurgical knife or laser.

Laser method

Laser surgery is mostly indicated for the treatment of children, since the method is atraumatic, with a small rehabilitation period. Laser treatment allows you to make a precise incision that reduces the risk of cosmetic defects and amputations. After the surgery the swelling is not formed because the operation is completely sterile, does not provide the tourniquet and pressing bandages. Coagulation of tissue at the place where the incision laser, prevents the risk of bleeding. The operation is performed in a short time and under local anesthesia – as the kids and adult men.

Before performing circumcision doctor must appoint the examination including laboratory tests, examination, removed cardiogram. If all the tests are normal, then the operation can be carried out in the same day. After the surgery the patient may temporarily be in the hospital, where he will conduct a therapeutic treatment for rapid tissue regeneration and preventing postoperative complications, if necessary according to indications.

Children laser surgerycauses less psychological stress than the classical methods.

In modern clinics laser circumcision is not only performed for medical reasons, but for religious reasons, with aesthetic purpose. The cost of the surgery includes examination, consultation, the operation itself. In men with urological or gynecological problems additionally included and treatment.

In some cases after a circumcision is performed plasty of the foreskin. All these individual characteristics and indications determine the rates of the operations of laser cutting. The price of the operation carried out by the specialists of high level, will be higher. If the procedure is not carried out on these readings, the patient has the right to decide it is worth it to do laser circumcision.

There is a large variation cost. For example, in Kiev the average price starts from 3000 UAH. The maximum reaches 13000 UAH. How much such an operation in Russia? In Moscow the cost is 50,000 rubles, and the regions are circumcised in the range was 10000 RUB.

Feedback about the operation of a conventional surgical instrument are often negative, as the long period of rehabilitation, severe pain, swelling and the need for daily dressings after excision cause a lot of problems. Surgery does not guarantee a good cosmetic result.

In developed countries, often the circumcision is done as a preventive measure. Reviews of doctors on preventive operations, especially in children, are not unanimous, as the risk of complications after surgery, caused by stress, General anesthesia and prolonged surgical exposure, often outweigh the benefits.

Some young men attracted by the opportunity to prolong sexual intercourse by reducing penis sensitivity. And then reviews individual. As often sensitivity is almost completely lost, and the consequences in the form of scars, deformations, or other effects significantly reduce quality of life.

Possible negative or positive feedback will help not only to choose a good clinic, find out what the price and conditions and what to expect after surgery, but will warn against making a mistake.

How many different people, so many different stories, experiences, opinions. But only a qualified doctor will help to solve the problem and will not make you sorry after surgery.


Maxim Krupnov 25 years:

I decided to get circumcised at 25 years old, since the childhood had problems with the opening of the head. Decided not to save, but not too spent. Chose the middle. Surgery, painful. I can say for sure that savings are impossible. A few days and all pain is gone,now, the problems with opening the head there!

Egor Solovyov, 26 years:

Decided at the age of 26 to get circumcised, as often seen information that is helpful and hygienic. Raised money. Came to the clinic. Was forced to hand over only the necessary minimum of tests, no additional wrap prices and unnecessary procedures. Did everything quickly and under local anesthesia. After the surgery took comfortable in the house. This is not to change the bandages and pain. The staff is attentive, the nurses are helpful. A pleasure from such a service!

Sergey Efimov, 33 years:

Had surgery in conscious age. When I got home, I thought that the pain won't stop, but the next day everything calmed down. The surgery itself was generally fine, moved fine, but only the postoperative pain is difficult to withstand!