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Benefits as a result plastics of the frenulum of the prepuce (with prices and reviews)

Plastic frenulum of the prepuce (frenuloplastika) is a surgical operation for the correction of a short frenulum of the foreskin. One type of surgery involves incising or partial removal. The frenulum, located at the penis as the lower longitudinal skin fold performs the function of holding the foreskin. What is the surgery and how much intervention will be discussed below.

скальпель в руках

The purpose of the frenulum

The lore for the release of the penile in the process of erection. It has a good blood supply, a large number of nerve endings responsible for sensations arising in the course of sexual intercourse. Reducing its length hinders this process, disrupts the normal conduct of sexual intercourse contributes to early ejaculation. This condition occurs in 30 % of adult men. The reasons for the presence of a short frenulum:

  1. Congenital hypoplasia – occurs in 5% of cases. Combined with phimosis.
  2. Inflammatory diseases of the external genital in men, leading to scarring of the area of the frenulum. They are often found in patients with diabetes. Complications in the form of inflammation after surgery, when were the plastic of the foreskin, leading to scarring of the frenulum, it becomes short.
  3. Injuries to the genitalia with advanced scarring, a decrease in the length of the bridle. In addition to acute injury (this can be after the operation of circumcision of the foreskin) play a role in chronic injury inflicted on a close linen. Sometimes the plastic of the foreskin when phimosis (hypertrophic form) is complicated by the consequences in the form of a short frenulum. A result of the operation is possible when the plastic for the correction of the foreskin is performed in early childhood.

In all these cases, the only treatment is plastic frenulum of the prepuce (frenuloplastika). She is a surgeon-urologist.

When to endure the inconvenience is unbearable

Surgery afraid of any man, is forced to endure the inconvenience of a short frenulum. It is not only the deficiency of sexual intercourse, but almost always additional trauma of a short frenulum pain, bleeding. Healing of the injury takes a minimum of two weeks (as needed for scar formation). Reasons for surgery:

  • Pain, bleeding.
  • Psychological trauma due to the inferiority of the sex act.
  • The progression of shortening of the frenulum with the formation of the counter impotence.
  • Male infertility due to early ejaculation.

Plastic frenulum of the prepuce is carried out in several ways. Most preferred is the method of dissection of the frenulum with ligation damagedvessels, sutures.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia in sterile conditions. Rarely, but it is possible to hold it under General anesthesia (in case of Allergy to local anesthetics, at the request of the patient). After dissection of the skin is carried out to stop bleeding by ligation of vessels or coagulation of the wound edges using laser inductothermy.

Considered mandatory to suturing the wound edges, which improves the healing process. This prevents the complication of dehiscence with rough scarring. However, the final decision on the need of seams about how much they impose, adopts the surgeon during the intervention. After suture used aseptic bandage.

The operation usually lasts 15-25 minutes. After the man rest 1-2 hours can go home. The house must refrain from sexual, physical activity 2 weeks after the intervention. It is recommended to change dressings, removal of stitches medical staff on the recommendations of the operating surgeon after his examination.

The operation is always not only mechanical, but also psychological trauma for men. Preparing for her confidence in a good result, significantly increase the usefulness of the outcome of the intervention. Plastic frenulum of the foreskin is an ordinary urological procedure, almost plastic, was the outpatient intervention, not time-consuming. The result of treatment becomes a full-fledged sex life, getting rid of unpleasant pain sometimes resolves the problem of infertility.



On a short bridle told in childhood. The parents did not pay attention to it. The problems started after marriage, had to go to the urologists. Surgery lucky now in order. Do not advise anyone to delay this, please contact us as soon as you detect a problem.


Was on a business trip, picked up some venereal infection. The treatment result was good, but the frenulum was very short, the problems with erection. Will have to have surgery.