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The procedure ureteroscopy in men, conducting to possible consequences (with prices)

Urethroscopy is an instrumental method of study used by urologists with the use of endoscopic techniques. This method consists in examination of the lumen of the urethra. Currently, this technique is almost never used because of the risk of complications during the study.

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Why is rarely used

In the past urethroscopy was popular to detect pathological constriction of the urethra, ulceration, tumors. Urethroscopy was used for inspection, diagnosis of chronic urethritis. Urethroscopy was carried out with the help of advanced optical systems of the instrument, called a ureteroscope.

Urethroscopy in men been used for diagnostics of inflammatory diseases of the prostate, with the output duct in the lumen of the urethra. Urethroscopy sometimes had consequences in the form of ruptures of the urethra, infection of the bladder. You could expect other complications of the procedure:

  • bleeding from the urethra;
  • the spread of infection with the development of sepsis.

After ureteroscopy complications could develop after a few days. Urethroscopy is one of the research methods used are now extremely rare.

Modern methods

Urethroscopy is usually performed as part of a study called cystourethroscopy (ureteroscopy). A ureteroscopy involves the examination of the bladder, ureters, urinary tract. Indications for this procedure are:

  1. Suspected tumor of the bladder, of the ureter. A ureteroscopy is performed in this case in conjunction with a biopsy (taking a piece of tissue for histological examination).
  2. The presence of blood in urine to identify the source of bleeding. You can see the allocation of blood from the ureter, from a broken bladder tumors. This allows you to plan treatment, extent of surgical interventions.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of urolithiasis. Especially often used for the removal of small stones from the ureter following lithotripsy (crushing of kidney stones). It is possible to apply ultrasonic lithotripsy with ureteroscopy, which increases the success of the procedure.
  4. One of the applications of ureteroscopy transurethral surgery. It is widely use for resection of seats of pathological narrowing of the urethra, removal of certain tumors of the bladder, prostate. Usually these operations are recorded on video.

The preparation of the study and its conduct

To achieve all these tasks usemodern endoscopic equipment. It can help to examine the ureters throughout their length, renal pelvis, it is possible to study the process of urinary tract, it fails. Often endoscopic procedures are performed under ultrasound control. It is possible to record the examination.

To prepare for the procedure the patient is examined in order to exclude allergies to used in the process of the study drugs (antiseptic solutions, pain relievers). Examines the system of blood coagulation. The procedure is performed on an empty stomach. This is dictated by the possibility of advanced surgical intervention, the need for which may arise during the procedure under anesthesia.

For the full ultrasound imaging within 4 days the patient exclude from the diet foods cause flatulence (black bread, milk, raw vegetables, fruit). You can eat porridge, soups, baked vegetables, fruits. The patient explain the essence of the procedure, eliminate fears about what it will do hurt, specifies the price intervention.

Usually the procedure ureteroscopy is performed under local anesthesia. The endoscope is inserted through the urethra to the desired objects of study. In addition to the inspection carried out all the planned manipulations, after which the device carefully displayed.

The patient should inform the doctor if it would hurt I would warn complications. After a diagnostic procedure, a man may be free in 2 hours. After surgical endoscopic intervention, man remains in the hospital for observation.

The cost of endoscopic urological procedures are different depending on the scope of intervention. You can get a video recording of the transaction, price it for more. There are testimonials from men that the price of endoscopic examination procedures ranges from 8000 RUB., price with biopsy – from 15000 RUB.

Price increases with additional interventions, hospital stay. Price depends on the skill of the operator-urologist. The final price of the study or intervention is determined after the procedure.

Urethroscopy in men, its modification – ureteroscopy are valuable research methods, urological male patients. The improvement of endoscopic instrumentation, techniques of procedure allow you to apply it in endosurgery. It's methods of operations, causing less trauma to the man.