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The features of the vasectomy (with prices and reviews)

A vasectomy is an operation consisting of ligation or partial removal of the VAS deferens of men. This is the surgical sterilization of men, makes them not able to conceive children. It is necessary to distinguish it surgery of castration, which removes the testicles responsible for testosterone synthesis.

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After castration in men develop side effects (evnuhoidizm) change of secondary sexual characteristics. As the aftermath of developing obesity, low voice loses its timbre, disappearing "masculinity" appearance. This does not happen when the vasectomy, as men have maintained production of testosterone.

Why and when do

Vasectomy is one method of contraception that is life. An increasing number of men in the world resort to this method. In some countries there is a legislative restriction on the carrying out of this method of contraception like vasectomy. Why there are restrictions on this operation:

  1. In economically developed countries the birth rate is falling. Such radical surgery, as female sterilization, vasectomy in men is not carried out until reaching 35 years of age, if the family has no more than 2 children, high cost of operation in different countries varies from 140 to 113000 euros. Less frequently it is performed in the presence of certain medical grounds (disability, cancer, severe hereditary diseases) for free.
  2. These interventions make it impossible for natural conception, not excluding other, more expensive and not always reliable (as evidenced by the reviews) methods (e.g., IVF) in women. In men, vasectomy has consequences in the form of sterility, which is reversible only in the years after surgery. This requires re - (reverse) operation restore patency of the VAS deferens.
  3. The reverse operation is much more complicated technically, lasts for several hours (there are reviews that tolerated it pretty hard). Make it can only a surgeon of very high qualification with the use of modern technical means. So the price of such procedure is tens of thousands of euros. Full guarantee of the recovery of fertility (ability to reproduce), this operation does not.

As it happens

The VAS deferens of men has its beginning in the back of the testicle, it can be felt in the form of a dense strand with a diameter of about 0.5 cm Scrotal part of it continues to the groin, in the abdominal cavity it terminates in the prostatic part of seminal vesicle. Its total length is about 50 cm Is a pair of duct located on the right and left.

What a vasectomy is, how do you make thisthe operation, and what its consequences are – such questions arise in men, who decided to make themselves sterile, they're looking for reviews about this online. A vasectomy can be performed on an outpatient basis. Preparation for the surgical intervention is the blood test (a CBC, blood clotting), and analyzed for the presence of sexually transmitted infections.

In the day to do the surgery, measured the body temperature of men. On the skin of the scrotum should be inflammation. The man explain the nature of the intervention, its effects, how much is a vasectomy. Be sure to find out whether allergies to medicines.

Most men make the intervention under local anesthesia. There is rarely a need to do it under anesthesia. The operation is carried out for 20-30 minutes, at least takes a little more time. Stages of the operation:

  • Alternately right and left, make small incisions or punctures of the skin of the scrotum.
  • Through an incision or puncture in the sky, part of the spermatic cord, tied or is dissected with ligation of both ends.
  • Then stitched the puncture or cut, usually it's the seams that do not require lifting (scaffold), on the scrotum sterile bandage. One who has undergone this procedure, said only a small embarrassing moment when the surgeon pulls the cord.

After surgery

After the intervention of the surgeon in detail instructs men on the limitation of physical, sexual, loads for the period of wound healing. This is usually 5-7 days, at least 2-3 weeks. After the vasectomy is not lost sexual activity. Some men say it even improved because of the removal of the fear of possible pregnancy partner.

Immediately after the intervention may be small swelling of the scrotum, bruising on her, these phenomena generally disappear in a week. If in the next few days after the procedure, there is a high body temperature, chills, pain in the scrotum or bleeding in the area of surgery, you need to go to the doctor who did the operation. Failing such treatment, it is necessary to call an ambulance, use the services of any doctor.

After surgery is necessary to control its effects, giving a sperm sample men sperm count. Over the next 3 months this is done three times. The price is different surgical intervention, its cost in Moscow is 12-15 thousand.

This method of contraception is almost 100% reliable. In rare cases, pregnancy still occurs. The procedure of vasectomy does not protect from sexually transmitted infections.



80-90the years not been a release from patients who wanted to get a vasectomy. About what consequences the intervention, few people thought. Now a huge number of men who want to do the reverse operation.

Michael, 40 years:

The vasectomy had to do with his wife. She has a severe heart defect, pregnancy is contraindicated, sterilization is also not postponed. So far so good.