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20 years of living together with prostatitis

My prostatitis this year's anniversary – he was 20 years old. The history of our cohabitation full of pain and suffering. At 22, I was a very naughty boy – drinking, partying. Sex life, of course, was extremely fun and messy.

And then it happened – began the wildest pain in the canal, burning in the perineum, the urine has acquired a murky brown color. Suspected something was wrong, went to urologist. From the doctor found out that I have prostatitis and complicated and chronic. Well, hurt me for months, but who are young for such things draws attention. Here and started...

The doctor prescribed antibiotics and some candles (don't remember names, was a while ago). Urine has become an acceptable colour, but the burning sensation in the perineum passed. About a year endured the discomfort, and then suddenly a burning pain suddenly stopped and I relaxed.

In 25 years met a wonderful girl, settled down. I lived with her for more than a year, all this time, I am a gentleman and behaved decently and did not go to the side. And suddenly prostatitis again knocked at my door began worsening. Six months I kept silent struggle with bouts of their own – as soon as the burning and pain, fell into a hot bath, and then put a candle with the anesthetic. Helped to calm the prostate when a couple of hours when a couple of days. So I lived for 4-5 months.

But then the pain was hellish, and bath and candle stopped to help. I had to walk to the clinic to get tested. Since I was a decent boy and by this time had only one permanent partner, then the doctor suspected abacterial prostatitis, and did not prescribe antibiotics. Had a massage and laser pain Tramal drank. Nothing helped. Pain in the perineum was hell, came right up to the coccyx, burned buttocks, legs and arms trembled so that the toilet could not walk.

Urologists, looking at my torments, shrugged. Said that I don't understand why prostatitis does not pass, and only getting worse, even though I already Packed the pills on the ears. Suggested that pass he does not paresis and got to go to the neurosurgeons. Neurosurgeons urologists cursed for the wrong diagnosis and put me a new one – a hernia in the spine or a tumor. But the CT scan found no hernia, no cancer. Then sent to a neurologist. I just rattled a hammer, probed, poked in different places and got a new diagnosis – multiple sclerosis. As you guessed, and this verdict was wrong. Again sent to the urologist to treat a confirmed prostatitis and not looking for other ills.

For six months I gave up on doctors and just endured the pain (luckily, by the time they subsided). Then everything started to happen again and I went to Moscow for tests among Metropolitan specialists. The reason found – fibromyalgia (chronic prostatitis naturally, too, willnot go away). I have been reading about it, not deadly. Received treatment from exacerbation, sat on prevention (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antibiotics for a short period of 7-8 days), once every three months on the sea riding for therapeutic purposes.

Two years ago, a strong exacerbation of a prostatitis has returned. Appealed to the new clinic and the doctor took sowing secrets. Believe it or not, in all my years of suffering, no doctor thought to do this! And this doctor is good, he guessed. Found aureus haemolyticus. Treated from him. It has become much easier. The year was generally as a cucumber, never thought of his prostatitis.

But, alas, recently all over again. The tests showed that all my illnesses returned to its previous level as if not treated. It turns out I'm flying prostatitis and other diseases, they are year somewhere not to bother (or have tolerable symptoms), and then it all comes back. And so on for 20 years.

Why is this happening? Doctors do not know. Sex life is stable, no infections, moving, eating – doing everything by the rules. The doctors are perplexed – the type of karma I have and body sickly. So my conclusion is: if at first foolishly picked up and ran this stuff to a chronic condition, it is useless to treatment, she will now be with you until the very end.