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About the symptoms and first signs of a stroke and minor heart attack in men

Stroke ‒ life-threatening pathology. And the sooner will be provided first-aid and emergency medical assistance, the less severe the consequences might be. Unfortunately, few people know about the first signs of a stroke or minor stroke, respectively, timely assistance can not, and after the first 3-6 hours are the most important.

What is stroke

Stroke in medicine called acute circulatory failure (heart attack) brain. This pathology arises from the fact that at one point, the obstruction of the lumen of the feeding vessel by a blood clot, spasm or tear. Such causes trigger a series of processes that ultimately lead to the death of brain cells. If the stroke is not to stop in the first 3-6 hours, then the process is irreversible. In order not to lose precious hours, you should know the basic signs of stroke in men or precursors of brain infarction.

Causes of circulatory disorders of the brain varied. They may be blood clots, emboli, ischemic pathology, atheroma, hemorrhage in brain tissue, injuries. The cause depends on the type of stroke. Causes of hemorrhagic infarction of parts of the brain ‒ this is basically the rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Ischemic strokes appear mainly due to the clogging of blood vessels by thrombus or embolus, or may be provoked by hypertension. Be the impetus for the development of the pathology is capable of:

  • The alcohol and Smoking. In chronic alcoholism the risk of stroke is several times higher.
  • The age of the man.
  • Gender ‒ men are strokes occur more often than in women.
  • A sedentary lifestyle.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Chronic stress, frequent causes of lesions of vessels and tissues of the brain.
  • The abuse of harmful food.
  • Disregard for their own health and lack of treatment of cardiovascular and endocrine diseases.

Causes and predisposing factors is diverse, In some cases, perhaps, exclude precipitating factors, to avoid the development of stroke and minor stroke. And others to significantly reduce the risk of their occurrence. In any case, in the first place is the prevention of disease.

The first manifestation

The most important in the fight against the disease is timely detection Egoreni symptoms or signs. Harbingers of heart attack give you a reason to be suspicious, and a doctor in this case will be invaluable. Most often the signs of stroke and mini stroke are:

  1. Frequent headaches.
  2. Weakness, accompanied by symptoms of dizziness.
  3. Nausea.
  4. Violation of coordination of movements.
  5. A speech disorder.
  6. Unilateral numbness of the hands orfeet.
  7. The feeling of blood flow to the head.

Are these harbingers of disease. The main signs and symptoms of stroke in men can have different degrees of severity, but they should know. Designed very easy test that will allow you to quickly identify the first signs of stroke, and sometimes of minor stroke.

SLM test

U ‒ smile. Ask the man to smile. If you had a stroke, its initial stage, the smile of the man will be asymmetric. This symptom is caused by the fact that part of the face does not respond to the desires of men and one corner of the lip is pushed down, while the second is lifted into a smile.

Z – talk to the man. Often male during a cerebral infarction is experiencing difficulties with playback and speech understanding. Ask the man to show the language. In stroke it is likely to be skewed in one direction. This is also one of the most important symptoms.

P – let the man try at the same time raise your right and left hands. In the case of a stroke, one arm will be significantly lower than the other.

In addition, there are other signs of the disease. They can also be symptoms of circulatory disorders of the brain. These include:

  • A severe headache that occurred for no apparent reason.
  • Clouding of consciousness or loss.
  • Vertigo (dizziness).
  • Distressing nausea and vomiting, not bringing relief.
  • Violation of movement coordination.

Noticing these signs, you need to take action, it will help to avoid serious consequences. To call the ambulance, calmly, clearly explaining to the dispatcher what happened, and especially to point out the symptoms of the CPL test. From the way you accurately describe the symptoms, will depend on what team you will direct. In acute violation of blood circulation requires the presence of neurologists.

While awaiting the arrival of SMP, lay a sick man so that the head was raised. Release him from tight clothing and allow the flow of fresh air. If there is vomiting, the head should turn sideways to the man did not happen aspiration of vomit. The main thing ‒ do not panic, busy yourself with important things: measure blood pressure in men, prepare the room for the arrival of the doctors close the dog, bring a few stools, free Cabinet for medical equipment. Keep calm and only then your help will give positive results.

Preventive measures

The stroke and the appearance of symptoms can be prevented, without waiting for the first signs. But for prevention to be effective, you need to try. Unfortunately, not all factors of stroke can affect prevention. It's sex, age and geneticthe predisposition. But prevention is still able to significantly reduce the risk of disease. It will have to make efforts and dramatically change your life:

  1. Diet.
  2. The sedentary way of life.
  3. The elimination of bad habits.
  4. The fight against diseases.

Stroke is a dangerous disease, and its prevention would be of more benefit than any, even the most expensive treatment. Watch your health. Be well.