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About signs and symptoms of heart attack in men, causes and first aid

The signs of heart attack in men what are its causes, are there any precursors of the destruction of the heart muscle? By answering these questions, it is possible to prevent severe heart damage and death. It is noteworthy that a heart attack has a tendency to "rejuvenation": if in the last century symptoms of myocardial infarction were found in men who turned 60 years old, in the last decade myocardial infarction "has" already the men from 30 years, which for obvious reasons cannot be indifferent cardiologists.

The first signs of myocardial infarction, as a rule, remain without attention, the reasons for which can occur pathology, ignored, about food or diet men do not think. As, however, and close to them people who hardly know how to give first aid.

Masking rules

The first and most important: myocardial infarction is severe damage to the heart muscle! Cause – in acute circulatory disorders, blockage of the heart arteries, leading to necrotic changes. In simple words – a piece of heart just starts to wither away. To prevent this process is really only in the first 20-40 minutes after occlusion.

For reference. Help in the first 6-12 hours after the appearance of the first symptoms reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by almost half! You may need the procedure of stenting (widening of the blood vessel).

It should be remembered that the symptoms of the "movie heart attack" (scared, grabbed his chest and collapsed under the table) ‒ it is not "truth", as well as a strong retrosternal pain that radiates to the shoulder blade. Symptoms of heart attack are not always real, often harbingers of a heart attack are masked:

  • Symptoms: pain localized in left arm, neck, elbow or foot." It is important to understand what it is, as the harbinger of a heart attack is a paroxysmal, for 10-15 minutes or longer, then the time to "letting go".
  • Symptoms: pain in the jaw, teeth left. Of course, the first thing a man goes to the dentist.
  • Attack, symptoms which resemble asthma. A man may begin to suffocate in the chest "bubbles". Cardiologists are positioning this as "asthmatic type of myocardial infarction".
  • The symptoms resembling poisoning. This "gastro" a heart attack is manifested by nausea, severe abdominal pain, vomiting or heartburn.
  • Symptoms: "suddenly he sweats, weakness and pallor". Sometimes for no apparent reason fever up to 38.5 C.

These are the typical symptoms of myocardial infarction usually ignored by men. If the number of the person manifested at least one symptom, you should immediately call "

an ambulance, an EKG and clarify the diagnosis.

What is actually happening?

The first signs of "real" heart attacks often manifest when the disease"in full bloom". Most often it is necessary to observe the following:

  • "Tie pain." Strong, cutting, localized in the middle of the chest (under the tie).
  • A man covered with cold sweat (especially hands, legs).
  • Pronounced pallor in the area of nasolabial triangle.
  • Tachycardia, heart rate is way up (above 130 beats./min.)
  • The inability to breathe fully, take a deep breath, shortness of breath.

Often, these signs become "classic" heart attack, but it should be remembered that it is often masked, then the signs have a completely different manifestation.

Steps before arrival "fast"?

Often the first signs of myocardial infarction or signs of a stroke overtake the person in a very "inappropriate". It is quite clear that "er" is simply is unable to reach men for the required 10-15 minutes and also soon to take him to the NICU.

Simple rules of conduct to prevent the risk of heart attack and life-saving:

  • Man put, loosen all constricting clothing, provide fresh air.
  • Nitroglycerin. Giving first one tablet, then if pain not gone in 5 minutes second. It is desirable to control the pressure, so it is not too low.
  • Give aspirin (250-500 mg), ask to chew.
  • To soothe the man, to do everything to avoid anxiety fear. To convince them that help is coming.
  • To prepare all medical documents (what drugs takes, the previous ECG), tell the doctor, what was the complaint before the attack.

Myocardial infarction often asymptomatic (without obvious signs), especially among men with diabetes. Sometimes the person has the following symptoms: anxiety, insomnia, depressed mood, nervousness, semiconscious state. In this case, it is useful to take ECG and echo.

The factors causing the pathology

Interesting is the fact that violent people have more chance to "earn" a heart attack or stroke, so be kind, gentlemen.

Reasons why a heart attack can occur:

  1. Lifestyle: cigarettes, hypertension, physical inactivity, high cholesterol and glucose, obesity (waist circumference in men should be less than 94 cm).
  2. Constant factors: male gender, age over 65 years, belonging to the Negroid race.

Cause development of lesions of the heart muscle or a stroke can become chronic kidney disease. Damage to the glomeruli causes of high blood pressure that is very difficult is corrected with medication. Sharp period of a heart attack may last from one day to several weeks with non-classical symptoms.

Experts tend to highlight the following reasonsa heart attack or stroke:

  • Smoking. Doctors have such a reason is in the first place, this is because when Smoking is mikrotemperaturnye lung tissue with subsequent thrombosis. Emboli off, enter the bloodstream and reach the coronary arteries where the blockage occurs. Once in the small arteries, emboli provoke angina. To expand the blood vessels helps the procedure of stenting.
  • High-calorie diet (cholesterol). As a consequence, the occurrence of atherosclerotic plaques, which are the same pattern as the emboli, provoke a heart attack.
  • Lack of exercise and, as a result, sagging of the muscle tissue of the body ("the second heart") and obesity.

Reasons why the human motor fails, a lot. Each of the factors individually or collectively could trigger a heart attack. Prevention is the important thing in preventing any disease, including stenting of the vessels.

What are the consequences and how all this scary?

After the portion of the heart muscle has undergone necrosis, restoration it is not subject in this place formed a scar. And scarring can be two, three, and the man is not even aware of trouble. Muscle tissue with areas of scarring are not so well works, full circulation of blood and oxygen through the vessels becomes impossible. Electrical impulse reaching the rumen, is blocked, causing arrhythmia, which in turn leads to the development of heart failure.

Stop impulse leads to the expansion of the cavity of the left ventricle, appear arrhythmias (ventricular fibrillation and tachycardia). Breaks walls between the ventricles or when an aneurysm of the heart leads to death. Such consequences of a heart attack eliminate only by surgical methods. After a heart attack often develops postinfarction syndrome and recurrent pain. The first is characterized by inflammation of the pericardium and the lung tissue due to the formation of antibodies.

Consequences of necrosis of the cardiac muscle cannot be prevented, its functional potential, one way or another, becomes limited, therefore begin to suffer from different parts of the human body, has received less enough blood and oxygen. The signs appear after a heart attack, therefore preventing a heart attack is the most important thing.

What is important to know the "cores"

The first and perhaps the pain can not be tolerated! In the summer, avid gardeners, especially with a bunch of risk factors, should avoid the hot sun, heavy physical exertion. The risk of stroke and heart attack is increased in the spring and autumn season.

As emergency men, prone to hypertension, it is important to constantly check the pressure and to have funds on hand forits reduction, and nitroglycerin, even if heart problems before.

Important! Severe pain in the heart occurs due to spasm of the coronary arteries, relieve spasm and improve blood circulation can only nitroglycerin. No valokardin or validol, or cognac can't stop the pain and prevent a heart attack. Any discomfort in the chest should alert the man and be the reason for the survey.

What should be on the table at the "core"?

In the acute phase, immediately after had a heart attack, a strict diet, under medical supervision, if necessary, will adjust the power. The right diet will reduce the risk of reinfarction and stroke and prolong life. Prevention is always more effective than prolonged and not always successful treatment, and nutrition plays a role.

You need to eat 5-7 times a day the following products:

  • Soups vegetable and broths.
  • Low-fat dairy products.
  • Well cooked porridge.
  • 100 ml of carrot juice with a teaspoon of vegetable oil twice a day.

Salt and salty foods are banned.

The diet is tasteless, but neither do in order to save lives.

In the period of scarring (6-7 week after a heart attack) diet gentle, but not so strict. Fluid can consume not more than 1.4 liters/day, and to drink 0.8 l, and the rest is used for cooking. The power goes to the 4-time regime, can be a bit of salt (5-8 g), protein to 100 grams, fat 80 grams, carbs to 450 g.

After the man leaves the hospital, the diet becomes a constant companion of life.

Banned food consisting of:

  • Sausages, oily fish and meat.
  • Any hot spices.
  • Smoked meat, pickles, bacon.
  • All that is rich in cholesterol.
  • Spirits, coffee, tea (strong), and alcohol.

In addition, men who have excess body weight, will have to go on a diet, and this will lead to new dietary restrictions.

The food, which is welcomed:

  1. Vegetables, berries, fruit.
  2. Any dairy products.
  3. Pasta and cereals.
  4. The herring soaked (excess salt).
  5. Seafood and lean meat, fish.
  6. Broths (fish and meat).
  7. Greens, nuts and dried fruit, and more.

Learn more about what food should be, tell the doctor-the cardiologist. Proper nutrition and long life heart muscle, protection from heart attack and stroke, the prevention of any cardiovascular abnormalities. Diet reduce high blood pressure, will assist in the overall ozdorovlenie of the body.