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An illustrated guidebook for physicians-urologists, especially beginners

Атлас-руководствоYear of manufacture: 1990

Author: A. V. Lyulko, A. F. Vozianov, A. I. Kovalchuk

Genre: Urology

Description: recently, there appear new possibilities of improvement of methods of training of General practitioners, which would provide for the acquisition of deep specialist knowledge and an extensive training into practice: updated curricula in various disciplines, including urology, publishes textbooks and reference books, introducing the latest achievements and advanced experience of domestic and foreign technology.

In this Atlas guide provides information on General and specific urological problems, a large number of illustrations, x-rays, diagrams of surgical operations. Data sections private urology presented so that a future doctor could without problems to Orient in a particular situation.
In the matter of plasticity, recovery, and other complex interventions, the schemes of the main operating stages are accompanied by brief explanations, to the physician who will take advantage of the allowance, had an idea about the depth of intervention in a particular pathological condition and was able to make the training of the patient to the operating intervention.

This illustrirovannoe edition is considered the first experience of such kind of publications in Russian urological science, and the authors hoped that the book will be useful to professionals, especially young people, in their medical practice.