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The specificity of urogenital diseases in children, ranging from the very young age

Детская урология-андрологияRelease year: 2011

Author: Razin M. P., Galkin V. N., Dry N.To.

Genre: Urology, Pediatrics

Description: Urological and andrological problems in pediatric patients have noticeable differences from the same problems of adults that is mainly due to usually a congenital nature of a pathological condition, anatomical characteristics and physiology of the child's body. Quantitative characteristics and diversity of malformations of the genitourinary system are on the first place among the pathological States of all organs and systems, their percentage among all the pathologies of the embryo and the fetus reaches almost half.
According to pathologoanatomic, about ten percent of people have already been born with developmental defects of the urogenital system. Most likely, this value is volatile: according to some researchers, over the last few years there has been a tendency to increase the number of organ diseases, which belong to the urogenital system. Such a quantitative increase is connected with improvement of diagnostic methods, the emergence of modern methods of screening, as well as increased sensitivity metanephrogenic tissue to negative environmental factors.

Inflammation of the genitourinary system are widely spread among the people. For example, pyelonephritis is considered to be one of the most common childhood diseases, second only to acute respiratory infections.
A clarification of the reasons for the emergence and development of these diverse pathologies and diseases is hardly possible without a clear understanding of the development of the genitourinary system at the earliest stages of human life.

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