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The most common acute and emergency conditions in the practice of a specialist-urologist

Неотложная урологияRelease year: 2011

Author: L. E. White

Genre: Urology

Description: Chapters of this manual are devoted to the most frequent emergencies in urology region: cramps in the kidneys, the acute delay of urine, traumatic injuries of the genitourinary system, blood in urine, etc. In the basis of the publication is based on a detailed study of domestic and foreign specialists, personal medical experience and research achievements of the author.

In this book the reader, however, will not find sections on the subject of injuries and diseases of the genital organs in men and it's not a simple coincidence. The author and publisher decided to devote to these issues in a separate book, scheduled to print after of this manual.

The author believes that this book will benefit doctors urologists and workers of related professions that provide emergency and urgent medical care.

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