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Handbook for emergency (urgent) urological and nephrological conditions

Неотложная урологияYear of manufacture: 1996

Author: Lyulko A.V.

Genre: Urology

Description: the Effectiveness of therapy of patients with acute diseases in urology and Nephrology is dependent on two main factors: the timely transfer of the patient to the inpatient Department and high-quality implementation of a system of measures designed to stabilize the vital functions of the human body.

Calls special team of "first aid" to patients in urology and Nephrology make up approximately fifteen percent of the number of patients who requested the services of "ambulance".

Emergency assistance often have to provide surgeons and doctors of other specialties (gynecology, internal medicine, Pediatrics, etc.) often gets into a rather difficult situation because of the low special training in urology, which is why there is a large number of errors of diagnosis and treatment, resulting in patients not getting the help they need. Delay in obtaining specialized medical services can lead to serious consequences, disability and sometimes even death.

The authors have tried to create a practical guide for urgent urology and Nephrology, primarily as a Handbook for novice urologists and nephrologists. The authors hope that this manual will benefit not only doctors of these specialties, but also graduates of surgical and medical specialties, ambulance.

The basis of this edition on clinical and practical experience employees of the Dnepropetrovsk medical Academy.
The authors gratefully accept criticism, professional comments and suggestions.