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To take the correct position: all existing sexual positions

Want of harmony in sex? There is nothing easier find the one sexual position in which you feel comfortable in, and enjoy together with your partner. In principle, there are only 5 major sex position (man on top, woman on top, knee-elbow, lateral, sitting and standing). Everything else is variation and small changes. That's because the base is necessary to examine thoroughly, and only then to seek to experiment.


The third basic position – the man lies, and the woman sits on top ("cowgirl"). Position is suitable for women with vaginal type of orgasm. However, the position can not be recommended to women with anteverted genital slit, as in this case, the most sensitive part of the genitals are not involved. As girls, then it is possible to slightly modify the pose of "horsewoman" — during sex, to lean back, leaning on his elbows.

The fourth basic position – side ("spoons position"). For most couples, this position is the most uncomfortable and inefficient – both men and women it is difficult to reach her orgasm. However, it is considered the most acceptable if both partners are overweight, or if a woman is pregnant (there is no load on the stomach and therefore the sex will be absolutely safe).

The following basic position – on her knees "like a dog." In this position there is no possibility of a mutual affection as the face, chest, abdomen and other sensitive parts of the body not in contact with each other. Probably because the position of "doggy style" is the most rude – she gives men show tenderness, a woman makes the most dependent on their partner (according to statistics, the majority of rape occurs in this position).

However, it is not necessary to blame the situation on all fours. It contributes to the rapid onset of orgasm in women with excessive tilt of the pelvis and the setback of the genital slit. In addition, the well is activated in the vagina, so women with vaginal type of orgasm always enjoy when having sex on all fours.

By the way, the position of the knee is recommended for couples who want to conceive. The fact that in this position the cervical canal and the external opening of the male urethra as close as possible adjacent to each other, and therefore, the chance of successful fertilization is increased.

In conclusion, we can say: all the ways having sex is good equally, just for different pairs is preferable to be certain options. However, this does not mean that finding a pose that delivers the most powerful orgasm for both partners, it is necessary to use it only. It is important to alternate the position. This will provide the necessary diversity of sexual emotions.

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