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How sex helps to improve health and to cope with problems

Sex session is very pleasant, it allows you to Express your feelings to your partner, to get satisfaction, to release the accumulated sexual energy and even physically exercise and keep your body in shape. During this fascinating process in the body is:

  • adrenaline is the main hormone that will stimulate human organs;
  • cortisone is the second most important glucocorticoid hormone that stimulates many processes in the body.

пара обнимаеться

It turns out that sex is a very nice and extremely useful exercise. That's only during stress or illness to both men and women tend to postpone sexual intercourse until better times.

"My head hurts", "at work Today was a heavy day, I Have problems, I don't have tenderness" – here are the most common reasons excuses. All logical – scientists have proved that during psychological or physical crisis in the body decreases the level of sex hormones and libido is drastically reduced.

But what to do in such moments? Wait, when the crisis passes, the libido will return, but until then, to arrange a sexual hunger? It turns out that there is. You need to overcome your "do not want" and not make big breaks in the intimate mode.

Too long the lack of sex will only aggravate the crisis: health problems become more acute, the partners move away from each other, the absence of such a bright source of pleasure makes a person more anxious, aggressive and reserved. Sex gives us energy. Including gives power to cope with personal or social crisis.

All I'm saying – not just empty words. The statement about the use of sex in the fight against various problems confirmed by various scientific studies:

  1. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania proved that having sex at least 3 times a week strengthens the immune system by 40%. It turns out, regular intercourse helps the body develop antibodies that can fight harmful microorganisms.
  2. Scientists from the University of Chicago medicine compared the sex with exercise. It turns out that one five-minute intercourse is able to replace 40 minutes of fairly intense aerobics. And regular sex significantly strengthens the body, keeps muscles toned, launches metabolic processes.
  3. Physical education sex have in common also the fact that if they long to do, the physical indicators are falling. But if, on the contrary, constantly to commit a sexual act, stamina becomes better, the body adapts and people can be improved – increase the time of sexual intercourse, to learn more advanced poses, etc.
  4. Dr.Joseph Pinzon conducted an extensive study and found: sex, normalizes blood pressure and body temperature. This is due to the fact that the sexual act of "restarts" some systems that eliminate problems in the body. And, by the way, sex is able to cope with migraines, because excuse sex "I have a headache" is absolutely not relevant.
  5. Sex and foreplay burn about 5 to 15 calories per minute (depending on the intensity of the movements). Thus, if you try to prolong sexual intercourse, it is possible to nullify the calories consumed with one small chocolate bar. Agree: this way of losing weight, though not the most efficient, but certainly nicer than diet and exercise.
  6. Specialists research Institute of Minneapolis argue that sex once every two weeks helps to reduce the risk of heart disease by almost three times. Regular intercourse with a regular partner allows to normalize the level of testosterone and estrogen. And it was the shortage of these hormones often causes a heart attack.
  7. Another study showed that the sex restarts the human brain. During orgasm a fraction of a second off the part responsible for the stress, the fears, the pain. It's like a computer – the reset button can bring the car from the hovering condition. In the end, after sex the person differently perceives the situation and his head can come brilliant ideas on how to get out of the crisis.

I hope that my words will persuade those who avoid sex because of health problems, complications in personal relationships or financial problems. To renounce such a powerful source of pleasure and important for the health of hormones only exacerbates a difficult situation.