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When your gender becomes a stranger: how to get rid of transsexualism

Supermodel Lea T, who became the face of advertising campaigns of Givenchy, Muse of Andy Warhol, candy darling, an award-winning American journalist Buck angel, a canadian rock musician Lucas Silveira... These men and women have one thing in common: at some point in their life they realized that they were born in the wrong body and decided to replace the floor. These people are called transsexuals.

мужчина в платье

Immediately after surgery changes a person forever is tied to hormonal drugs, because the correction removed the main hormone producing organs (testes in men and ovaries in women). Such hormone therapy is very heavy to carry, has a lot of side effects and is very bad for health. For example, almost 6 times increased risk of cancer, severely affecting the liver, stomach, deteriorating metabolism. And this information is not hidden from the person before the surgery – he's consciously ready to take that step as a sex change, in order to finally find harmony with yourself.

If it is a disease, why no free treatment?

Free maxtransfermode operation in our country is not carried out. The average now sex change will cost 15-20 thousand. E. a lot of money, right? The fact is that it requires specific equipment: surgical microscopes, electrosurgical units, ultrasound and aquatic scalpels, lasers, high-frequency wave devices, microsurgical instruments for suturing blood vessels and nerves.

Another factor influencing the price – the uniqueness of the procedure. Maxtransfermode microsurgery is an elite, exclusive industry of aesthetic medicine. It's very hard work, it requires specific knowledge and skills that are owned units.

The total price depends on the complexity of the operational programme. If, for example, a girl who decided to change sex dares only to cut off the breast, she will need a mastectomy, that costs too much money. If a transgender woman wants to go through, it would have to pay an expensive phalloplasty, urethroplasty, stratoblaster and so on.

There are cases where patients regret the operation?

In world practice, transsexuals, pity about the sex change, only 4%! And the reason is not that "man is mind", and that person was not transgender. The problem with these failed solutions were properly the work of psychologists (or the absence of such work – in Thailand, for example, transsexual operations do not require preliminary psychological examination of the patient).

Maybe it is better to try to convince?

Shemale until the operationcan very much try to accept myself – for the sake of personal happiness due to embarrassment, fear of being condemned by other people. But their dissatisfaction is so strong that accumulates over many years and faces a huge nervous breakdown.

Unfortunately, transgender people have no choice: the operation for them – a matter of life and death, because they really can not accept it as a body and role in society. It's not a fad — it is a disease. They are ready to do anything not to be what their nature has created.

It is useless to force someone to change their minds is not the case. Transgender people – people with a congenital disease, which they really suffer. Only by going through the procedure of sex change and becoming a transgender, they can finally accept themselves. However, there is another problem: whether such a society? But that's a topic for another discussion...