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Main misconceptions about sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted disease – the scourge of all times. The number of cases compared to previous centuries has not changed much, but deaths from STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) was ten times less. Responsible for it modern medicine that is able to quickly recognize and treat all intimate sores. Now, if the humanity finally learned to take care of yourself. But no – still, people continue to err concerning sexually transmitted diseases. Here are the top 8 most absurd and the most common myths.

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Myth # 1: during oral sex from a partner cannot be infected

Many adventurers ventured into casual sex with strangers, avoid anal or vaginal sex if no condom. Commendable. But oral sex such people often practice, believing that it is safe. Where is the logic – is unclear. Almost all STDs can be transmitted during oral sex because the mouth is a mucous membrane that is identical to the mucosa of the sexual organs.

Another argument from oral sex transmitted HIV. Is it worth the risk? I don't think. And do not be comforted by the fact that the probability of HIV transmission fellatio or cunnilingus is only 54% (vaginal or anal contact, this probability increases to 87%). If there's any chance to get this incurable disease, it means that it is impossible to allow situations in which it can be transferred to you.

Myth # 2: partner have long been married (partner is married for a long time), so it definitely does not hurt

The basis of this illusion lies the love of the people to shift the responsibility to others. Partners who are married, are more healthy because their husband probably cares about the health of his / her partner. Nonsense! This unfortunate change may not be aware that his unfaithful partner is sick STDs – most of the sores for a very long time proceed in a latent form and have no external symptoms. Moreover, infected is likely in such a situation would be both spouses.

Myth # 3: many STIs can be transmitted in public areas

Supposedly in places where a sick person could sit naked booty, can't be, so how can you make virus. In the pool, according to this myth, sexually transmitted pathogens are in the water and can easily "sail" to other people, which at this time do water treatments.