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The man refuses to sex: how to regain interest


Today I want to talk about the reluctance of men to have sex. Unfairly obtained: if a woman occasionally does not want sex, that's fine. Head aches, tired, soon monthly, and other good reasons. But if the lady wants intimacy, and her partner says "not tonight", I immediately searched for a serious cause for concern.

грустная женщина

Most of the accusations fly towards the men and health – for example, it can easily call impotent... But what lies behind the reluctance of the stronger sex to have sex and is this grounds for concern?

Some statistics about male desire

That men do not want sex every day, nothing abnormal there. It's time to forget about the ridiculous myth that men constantly think about sex. This is not so. Scientists have already proven that female libido is more "lustful" than men.

According to a survey conducted by the newspaper "Daily Mail", 65% of men admitted they have been wriggling out from matrimonial duties than a companion. According to another survey, it was found that only 18% of men in marital relationship, want sex more than two times a week. For comparison, 44% of women wish reach more than a couple times a week.

Why do men not want sex

Of course, decreased libido is associated with disease, but more on that later. If a man has good health, the lack of sexual desire on his part, may be due to a number of reasons. According to the same survey, "the Daily Mail" the most common reason refusal of sex men are:

  • 16 % of men refuse a lady in sex, as they have regular sex with a partner on the side;
  • 22% of avoiding proximity due to the fact that I can't let go of the aspects of the problem: conflicts at work, financial difficulties, strife with parents, etc.;
  • 34% have no desire to have sex because they do not experience past sexual interest to the partner, it ceased to seem attractive (although this does not mean that then ceased to love and think about the breakup).

The remaining share is represented by the following response: "we're fine. I am satisfied with the number of sexual contacts, which is now, and my girl just naughty, demanding more attention." If the previous options are understandable, the latter makes you wonder – why had the man had a number of sexual acts, but over time the need for them starts to dwindle? It's all about the nature...

The nature of female and male desire