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What is, manifests itself as nymphomania in women and how to get rid of it

According to the Greek mythology in the depths of the forests live the beautiful nymph. They lure men to let out their absolutely exhausted from foreplay. If they constantly want sex and are willing to engage in sexual intercourse 10 times in a row in all conceivable poses. In honor of these mythical creatures called the real women, characterized by hypersexuality.


The cause of the deviation is very serious

According to doctors, the nymphomania may be developed as a separate deviation, but most often occurs on the background of mental and neurological diseases.

For example, sexual promiscuity, obsessions of an intimate nature are characteristic of patients with bipolar disorder. People with a diagnosis of "pathology Peak" demonstrate socially unacceptable behaviors, including those of an intimate nature.

Nymphomania is often seen in drug abusers (for example, in the early stages of dependence on methamphetamines). Also hypersexuality may occur due to injury of the frontal or temporal part of the brain or serious hormonal disorders.

For each disease there is the treatment

Centuries ago nymphomania was treated absolutely barbaric ways – a woman treated with ect, was lobotomized, put the strongest psychotropic drugs, cut off the clitoris or ovaries. From nymphomania these methods helped, but the woman was either a "vegetable" or completely frigid and barren.

Nowadays it is not so scary. Doctors have learned to accurately diagnose the disease, identify the disease and plan appropriate treatments. It can be special drugs for the treatment of mental disorders or hormonal therapy. In 94% of the outcome of such therapy successful: the level of a woman's sexuality becomes normal and she returns to normal life in society, ceasing to be a threat to himself or others.