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The latest facts and tips about sex: what you were previously unaware

Today I will give you 12 sex tips, 10 facts about sex, some of which you probably don't even know existed.


10 intimate things you might not know

Perhaps you didn't know, but:

Fact 1: 30% of the sperm in the semen a week after ejaculation remain viable and, therefore, ready for fertilization.

Fact 2: Men and women making love more than twice a week, get sick 4 times less than people with fewer sexual contacts.

Fact # 3: Often the packages of condoms indicate shelf life over three or four years. However, 100% latex contraception remedy provides only for the first two years.

Fact 4: to reduce the risk of prostate, a man must have an orgasm at least three times a week.

Fact 5: More than 42% of the sexually transmitted diseases that do not manifest themselves in the form of symptoms within the first two years after infection.

Fact 6: the Presence of pubic hair reduces the risk of Contracting sexually transmitted diseases, almost three times.

Fact 7: People in a state of sexual arousal become two times more sensitive to pain. In addition, they have increased sense of smell, but sight and hearing, on the contrary, blunted.

Fact 8: During orgasm a man can not feel fear and excitement, because at this time switches off the amygdala in the brain responsible for feelings named.

Fact 9: Every year, more than 18,000 people receive serious injuries during sex. 37% of these injuries are associated with a desire to experience a challenging pose, and 21% due to the use of third-party objects, 18% — due class sex in dangerous place, the remaining number of accidents (e.g., breakage of the bed, falling, etc.).

Fact 10: According to the survey women in my life have, on average, four sexual partner; while men on average are replaced by seven sexual partners. Math does not add up, and someone during the interview is clearly evil, but who is the mystery...

That's all for now. Next time I will tell you something interesting about the most intimate aspect of our lives.