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Exotropia: how to perform the exercises for new sensations

In a pair there are difficulties of a sexual nature? Sex is quite uniform, and partners, despite the fact that together for a long time, I continue to be ashamed of each other? Sexual intercourse took place rather out of necessity than out of pleasure? Well, these situations require special sexterapi. And you don't have to go to sexoteric at the reception. Importantly, sexual partners were willing to experiment, and with the technicians to see themselves.

пара лежит в постеле

Today I will tell you 5 basic exercises to begin a program of sexterapi. They are extremely simple, but effective – better to learn each other's bodies, as well as provide more interesting sensations during sex. So dedicate an hour a day and create the most comfortable environment (you can lay a new bed, play relaxing music, light scented candles). Believe me, you will like the result...

Day one: explore each other with touch

The man and the woman undress. Woman lies on the stomach, and the man begins gently touch her body (any parts, except the genitals and Breasts). Allowed to touch the fingertips, palm, tongue. You can gently kiss. It is necessary to "examine" the body of your partner from head to toe. Everything should last at least 15 minutes. Through this time allowed to touch the Breasts and genitals, but gently. Then the partners should switch places.

The aim of the exercise: to identify places on the body that most clearly react to light touch and learn what kind of touch is not fun. During the execution of the task is allowed to talk – you can make each other compliments, and describe the resulting sensations.

Days two and three, examine the experience of different touching of the sexual organs of women

The second day is entirely devoted to the partner. Today she's the Queen of your night. In the beginning it is necessary to repeat to women the exercise of the first day. Then the man sits, resting with his back to the headboard or wall, and the woman sits with her back to him. A little spreads her legs and puts it through the legs of the partner. First, a man within 5 minutes, you should caress the Breasts of the female partner, starting with easy moves and by the end of making more intense movement. After walking down hands on the girl's body to the hips and make the strokes of this body part. While the genitals do not touch.

Then the woman puts her hands to the hands of men and leads them on their genitals. She needs to try all kinds of touching the clitoris, vagina, lips of the vagina. To make each of the movements at least a minute (light, intense, circular, pressure, etc.).

The third dayfully dedicated partner. In the beginning it is necessary to repeat to men the exercise of the first day. This will help to tune in the desired fashion. Then the man lies back and the woman sits on the side or at his feet. The man puts his hands on her arms, and begins thus to stimulate his penis. You should start with light strokes, each time increasing the intensity and pace. Should focus on the different sensations of different touches in different places on the penis and scrotum. Then the man lets go, giving the woman an opportunity to repeat the shown motion.

When a strong erection, a woman ceases to carry out intensive touch to the resulting erection is weak. Then the motion resumed, and the way to do it about 3-4 times, then the man is allowed to cum.

The purpose of this exercise: to explore the feelings of men, which he receives from different touch to his genitals.

Day four: explore various sensations during intercourse

First, to repeat the exercises first, second and third day – for each to allocate no more than 5-10 minutes and to prevent the orgasm from your partner or partner. Then when both partners have reached a sufficient level of sexual arousal, the man lies back and the woman sits on top. Partner takes out his erect penis and starts to drive on his genitals. Penetration is not yet to commit. Repeat for 5-7 minutes.

You can then start to make regular intercourse with the only difference that heavy traffic should be alternated with a full stop (in which the penis remains in the vagina).

The aim of the exercise: focus on feelings that get partners when the penetration of the penis into the vagina of the female partner to learn how to prolong sexual intercourse.

Day five: learn to combine sex and stimulation of the genital organs

After mutual caresses and achieve the desired level of excitement, the partners will go directly to sexual intercourse. Having movement in your normal rhythm, stop. At this time, the man starts with the fingers to stimulate the clitoris of the female partner. First slowly, then faster and faster. After we need to resume movements, but stimulation of the hands does not stop.

The next act of intercourse need to swap to start having sex at a fast enough rate, then stop. During this stop, the woman begins to stimulate hand the scrotum men. 5-7 minutes to continue the frictions, but the pats don't stop.

The aim of the exercise: to learn how to combine frictions and tactile affection of the genital organs to enhance the experience.

So, are the basic exercises that are the basis of sexterapi, they often startthe program of correction of sexual relations. These exercises are very simple, but they must carefully learn to practice for several weeks to prepare each other to more complex practices of sex therapy.