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Are there norms of penis size and that depends on the length of the penis?

Today we will focus on the penis. Internet is full of ads about various ways to increase the male sexual organ. This suggests that the demand is there – a lot of men are willing to do anything to increase their dignity. Well, it turns out that a fair amount of all of men unhappy with the size, given by nature? The majority of really small penises or the problem is psychological? Try to understand...


To adhere to the norm

How penis in General should be considered normal? The norm is the average among all sizes of genitals. Almost 90% of men on the planet penis in a relaxed state has a length of from 8 to 13 inches, and average erect penis has a length of 16 cm, Therefore:

  • Little recognized member in the excited state, less than 13 centimeters.
  • Normal is considered to be a member in the excited state from 14 to 18 inches.
  • A great recognized member in the excited state longer than 18 inches.

A micropenis is called in medicine member, the length of which in the excited state is less than 10 centimeters. At this size the male becomes difficult to have intercourse. By the way, huge cock is not very good in a functional sense. A penis with a length exceeding 24 cm with high probability will "work" correctly.

What's wrong with young bodies?

Small penises (we mean recognized by the small size) are a bad influence on the quality of sex for the following reasons:

  • Too small penis is anatomically does not allow to carry out deep penetration in the vagina, and therefore, women with vaginal type of orgasm will not be able to experience pleasure during sex.
  • Men with a small penis will not be suitable for all sexual positions (incidentally, also applies to holders of a huge penis). This leads to a monotony of sexual life partners.
  • Micropenis has a minimum area of contact with the vagina and causes minimal irritation stimulating.

Again, we are talking about really small sexual members – those in the erect state reach less than 13 cm. To the larger members of all the above does not apply.

The results of the polls

Around the size of the penis's a lot of myths. For example, some ladies think the length of your penis you can learn, looking at the hands, the nose or the ears of men; that the owners of big penises are insatiable lovers and more. Dr. Richard Edwards (Dr. Richard Edwards) did a big study and found out how things really are. He interviewed a large number of men and found:

  • The relationship between the length of the erectthe penis and size of the nose does not exist.
  • The relationship between the length of the erect penis and the size of the hands is not observed.
  • The relationship between the length of the erect penis and the size of the ears does not exist.
  • A weak correlation between penis length and height of the man is (considered General body proportions).
  • Men who feel their penis is large, prone to frequent change of sexual partners.
  • Men who feel their penis is small, aspire to a permanent relationship with one partner.
  • 72% of men traditional orientation was happy with the size of his dick.
  • From homosexual men and bisexual men who are circumcised, only 58% of respondents said the size of the penis is satisfactory.

Long on quality and sex

The size of the penis (except when we are talking about normalnom or extra large penis) do not affect sexual activity and quality of sex. It's all in the characteristics of the structure of the vagina in women. This body is elastic and can stretch.

The average size of the female body is 10-13 cm Scientists believe that the maximum pleasure a lady experiences when stretching of the vaginal walls 3-4 cm Therefore, the length of the erect penis 11-17 cm a woman is able to have fun and not be considered a member of his partner a little.

According to experts, the penis length 13-18 cm will be approximately 87% women, length 11-13 cm every fourth lady, 19-22 cm will arrange only every twelfth (the rest will experience discomfort when having sex with such a "giant").

Appearance able to give

We have already mentioned: the relationship between the size of the nose, ears, fingers and penis length is not revealed. But this does not mean that looking at man, it is impossible to predict the hypothetical size of his dignity. The length and thickness of the member is affected by the level of sex hormones secreted in puberty. They also determine the type of structure of the body and sexual temperament (increased libido, ability to perform prolonged intercourse, the sexual liberation, etc.).

Men of strong sexual temperament, and prone to large sexual organs usually have:

  • Strong stocky build.
  • Average growth (closer to low).
  • Wide chest, big head, narrow hips.
  • The tendency to intensive owolosenia body.
  • Distinctive traits: aggressiveness, propensity for aggression, ambition, impulsiveness.

A woman's opinion

What is your opinion about the size of the male organ formed the majority of beautiful ladies? Judging by the numerous polls, only 12% of women believe that good sex can only be with the owner of a large member. For the vast majority of the mainthe importance of foreplay, sexual techniques, a variety of techniques.

Yes, sexual fantasies you can imagine yourself with a partner with a huge sexual organ, but in fact most women recognize, more importantly the ability to deal with his dignity. Besides, sex with too big penis can not only be fun, but and cause injury...