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The expectation of sexual failures in men: causes of the syndrome and what to do

The syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures (STON) is obsessive-phobic neurological disorder. According to statistics, this disorder is observed in 30% of patient visits to a therapist or sex therapist with the complaint to strong fear of shame during intimacy.

мужчина смотрит под одеяло

The danger of such psychological disorders in that it makes a man insecure, irritable. In some cases, STOCK is the basis for the formation of coitophobia (obsessive condition in which the patient is afraid of the sexual intercourse and in the result he prefers to abstain from sex). Naturally, in such a situation personal life is not formed. Sometimes men become so depressed that they have thoughts of suicide.

Treatment of patients with STEN

Treatment of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures depends on the degree of development of the syndrome. Most often it includes the following set of measures:

  1. Psychotherapy sessions in which a psychotherapist or sexologist shrugs reconfiguration of the reflexes of the patient, creates a healthy mental attitude, working on motivation and self-esteem of men.
  2. Pharmacotherapy with antidepressants, tranquilizers in small or medium doses. Mild stock of drugs may not be administered. They are prescribed to patients with a strong enough level of anxiety.

In most cases the result of the complex treatment of patients with the syndrome of the troublesome expectation of sexual failures, a positive – the chances of recovery are very high. Most importantly to the man himself aspired to the attainment of sexual harmony and fulfill all the requirements of a specialist to help him get rid of STOCK.