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Why spermatorrhea and prostatorrhea – is it serious?

Give an example of a typical complaint of a patient with spermatorrhea: "Three years ago, while walking to the toilet to pee started to notice that the penis stands out the seed (just a couple drops). Pain was not. Of course, I did not like, but the particular values are not given. The more it is repeated regularly. A year later, the allocations of semen from the penis in its flaccid STA began to become more frequent, have increased problems with sex, premature ejaculation. When going to the toilet there was a small pain... What's wrong with me?"

мужчина смотрит на фото простаты

There is an obvious case of spermatorrhea, or in common "spermatocele". Unfortunately, typical is not the occurrence of this disease, and the fact that in the beginning men did not give it value. They think a small allocation of semen from the penis in its flaccid STA, repeated a couple of times a month, is no reason for a doctor visit. But such carelessness leads to the fact that the condition worsens, the secretion of sperm becomes more intense and it added even more unpleasant signs of the disease.

It should be noted that the spermatorrhea is not a disease. The name of the symptom of the loss of semen which occurs without the tension of the penis or ejaculatory duct aftershocks. But the loss can provoke different diseases in men (the most dangerous age is 25-36 years of the said period accounted for more than 80 of all recorded cases of spermatorrhea).

The appearance of sperm in the urine usually indicates chronic gonorrheal inflammation of the seminal vesicles, which cause weakening of the muscle tone ejaculatory duct. Another reason for spermatorrhea can be a disease of the Central nervous system. Hormonal abnormalities can also serve as a factor for the loss of the seed – for example, such violations often occur in men with prolonged sexual abstinence.

Like spermatorrhea is another disease called prostatorrhea. It is a selection of penis colourless liquid (not white sperm) during defecation, physical activity or at rest. The main reason for prestatore – stagnation of secretions in the alveolar ducts of the prostate gland. Often occurs because of acute or chronic prostatitis, and mechanical injuries of the genitourinary system.

Agree that the listed causes of spermatorrhea and prostatorrhea serious. That is why it is very important to go for help to the doctor in case of any deviations from the norm. If you do not pay attention to the fact that sperm or transparent secret stands out, for example, during urination, and not in time to identify the root causechange, it is possible to run disease, and it threatens dire consequences. Take care of yourself and watch your health!