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Rated the best condoms reviews

If your plans do not include becoming a parent of a couple of dozen babies, and the risk of health in case of accidental relations with unfamiliar sexual partner no desire, then a condom should always be in your pocket. Now in pharmacies and stores sold so much of this rubber products that already dazzled. What condoms are best to choose? Let's deal.

Masculan Classic Sensitive

German condom to increase the sensitivity of both partners. Have a fruity flavour which, on conviction manufacturer, will add a romantic intimate encounter. Features Masculan Classic:

  1. Surface: smooth.
  2. Color: pink.
  3. Aroma characteristics: fruity aroma.
  4. Wall thickness: 0,05 mm.
  5. Max. length: 18 cm
  6. Max. width: 5,3 cm
  7. Lubricant: silicone grease.

Packaging costs about 150 rubles. for 3 PCs.

Of course, presented in pharmacies and stores range of products for safe sex is not limited to given in the article brands. Judging by the responses of men and women, deserve attention also condoms such as Ceylor (Switzerland), Innotex (France), Preventor (Belgium), Sico (Germany), Romed (Netherland), Shields (Canada).

Among the cheapest products of the palm hold "roly-Poly" and "Suite No. 3" that you can buy for only 10-15 rubles. apiece. Although, answering the question, what condoms are better for the price still it is necessary to look at least in such things the economy could be hurt because of the condoms depends get during sex, pleasure, and protection from unwanted sex and safety.


Kostya, 32 years:

I like Durex Long Play, but I doubt it as they are harmless. In these condoms, there is an anesthetic that cools and dulls sensitivity. By the way, one time I bought a very cheap Durex, and they were terrible quality. Not as thin as the cover promises, and exploded often. Then I read that they are Chinese fake. Bought them at the pharmacy, by the way. So check, so as not to run into counterfeit.

Gennady, 29 years old:

All praising Okamoro. And I just don't like them too thin. Can't shake the feeling that tear at any moment. Besides, during the use of these condoms feel a certain discomfort, a feeling that the condom has no lubricant, although there is, of course, available. So don't send me these Japanese "gum". For my taste it's best condoms "Vizit". Cheap and cheerful.

Sergei, 34 years:

"Durex" is the most normal. Smell, agree with the article, not the best but nothingbearable (much better than all these artificial strawberry and floral nauseating odors). Easy to put on, sit firmly, never torn. If you buy the big boxes, it turns out quite sparingly.