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Overview of all varieties of contraception for men: what is more reliable

Contraceptives for men are not only well-known condoms, but other ways to do sexual intercourse are protected and safe. Consider the main types of male contraception and its application.

Контрацептивы в руках

The types of protective equipment

Male contraception – a rather difficult field of modern medicine, as researchers it is quite difficult to develop drugs that block the action of a huge number of sperm. While the problem of female contraceptives to protect against the penetration of sperm, only one egg during the menstrual cycle.

However, the modern man, responsible and suitable to build relations and family planning, will do everything possible to protect yourself and your partner from unintended pregnancy. There are various means intended for these purposes. The most common contraceptives are condoms, the pill, vasectomy, implants and injections. Each technique has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Condoms.

Condoms — the most common and effective means of male contraception, which allows to protect the intimate act of 98 %. Data latex products will not only protect from unwanted pregnancy but also protect both partners from sexually transmitted diseases and sexually transmitted infections. Present day consumer market offers a huge selection of condoms. The products have different color, flavor, size, and even particular amps sensitivity. But many men neglect this means of contraception.

The use of condoms has several advantages. These include the following factors:

  1. Availability — buy products in any pharmacy shop or supermarket.
  2. Simple operation.
  3. A high level of protection against the penetration of sperm into the vaginal area.
  4. Protection from HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases.

Contraindications to the use of condoms is almost non-existent in addition to increased individual propensity for development of allergic reactions. According to statistics, about 56 % of the male half of humanity prefers this method of contraception.

  • Surgical techniques.

The most radical method of male contraception is conducting a vasectomy. This procedure is a manipulation of a surgical nature, in which the cut VAS deferens.The operation has no negative impact on male potency, and effectiveness of this tool is 98 %.

But holding the vasectomy deprives man of the ability to be a father. Although modern scientific studies have proven the possibility of further surgery to restore reproductive function in men undergoing victoiy, the absolute guarantee can not give any expert.

Under current law, a vasectomy is allowed to hold only the representatives of the stronger sex in the age category older than thirty-five years if they have at least two children.

The advantages of vasectomy include:

  1. One hundred percent reliability.
  2. No need to use any other contraceptives.

The disadvantages of this procedure include the following factors:

  1. The need for surgical intervention.
  2. The high cost of manipulation.
  3. Victoria does not provide protection from infectious diseases, sexually transmitted.

Surgical methods of contraception can be attributed to inserting a subdermal implant that produce testosterone, which inhibits the process of spermatogenesis, preventing fertilization. This effect is achieved due to the influence of contraceptives on the quality of the protein component of the sperm responsible for fertilization. This technique is characterized by a high degree of reliability and efficiency.

  • Oral medications and gels.

Contraception for men includes contraception, is designed for internal use. Tablets, which include large doses of sex hormones, inhibit the formation of sperm, making intimate contact is safe in terms of protection from unwanted pregnancy. Thus, in contrast to carrying out vasectomies at the end of reception of contraceptives the reproductive function is restored with time.

Feature of oral contraceptives is the fact that to achieve very favorable results contraceptive pills, you must begin taking no less than three months prior to intimate contact. This is because the maturation process of male germ cells is seventy days. However, doctors say that oral contraceptives periodically need to do mandatory breaks and a half to two months. Thus, this method of prevention of unwanted pregnancy is only the young people, consistently leading a sex life and having a permanent partner.

In addition to hormonal contraceptives, birth control good effect gives the use of drugs, which includecyproterone acetate. Tablet including this substance, have the effect of the time of sterilization, greatly reducing the amount of semen. After the use of tablets will be discontinued, the volume of produced sperm gradually restored.

Birth control pills for men prolonged use can trigger the development of the following side effects:

  1. Depression.
  2. The decrease in muscle tone.
  3. The emergence of mental character.
  4. The increase in body weight.
  5. Hair loss. Baldness.
  6. The emergence of neoplastic growths in the region of the testicles that can be benign, and malignant.
  7. Azoospermia.
  8. Possible violation of the fertilizing characteristics of the sperm after the cessation of the use of oral contraceptives.

Contraceptive gel is another modern method of male contraception. The composition of this drug include male and female sex hormones, contributing to a significant reduction in the number of sperm in the ejaculate. Contraceptive gel is recommended daily applied to intimate areas of the body. The effectiveness of the product is about 89 %. Experts say that the gel has virtually no side effects, however at the moment the tool is still under development and still has to undergo a series of clinical trials confirming its safety.

Male contraception today is at the stage of active development. Most of the new modern tools is now in clinical trials, they very soon will appear on the consumer market and are in high demand. After all, according to statistics, about 97 % of men are willing to take responsibility for protection from unwanted pregnancy.